Miami Dolphins were in the Playoff picture before Week 13. They were the winners of six straight games going into Baltimore for this matchup with the Ravens. Well, they fell short in this one and couldn’t get that seventh win in a row. They were trailing from the start while not being able to make a comeback when they already fell behind.

Ravens needed this win in order to fight off the Steelers in their division and put the pressure on them going into their duel with Giants. Baltimore leads their division, so every game is crucial for them as they do have Playoff ambitions.

Flacco had probably his best game of the season against this improved Dolphins defense. He went 36/47 for 381 passing yards and four touchdowns. Joe was on fire from the get-go, and his receivers were right where Flacco needed them to be. His best one on the day was Dennis Pitta who had a monster day with 90 receiving yards and two trips to the end zone.

Dolphins are not in the Wild Card spot anymore as Denver won the game in Jacksonville, but they still have enough time to bounce back from this loss.

As for the Ravens, they will be leading the AFC North after Week 13. But, they still have a lot of work to do. They will be going up against the Steelers again in what might be a crucial game for them. This win was a step in the right direction for Flacco’s team, though. They are playing good football and are legit Playoff contenders.