Ranking All Quarterbacks In The AFC South


If we had to pick the division that has been the weakest over the past couple of years, we would have picked this one. It seems that we have a winner by default in this division every single year, not because one team is better than the others, but because that squad is not as bad as the others are. That is not something that these teams should be proud of. QB play here is questionable at best, but we have to rank these guys.

4) DESHAUN WATSON, Houston Texans – He was selected with the 12th overall pick by the team that needed a signal caller badly. After letting go of Osweiler, this franchise is now looking to build a contender around their stout defense and the young signal caller that has a lot of upsides. Hopefully, they have made the right selection.


3) BLAKE BORTLES, Jacksonville Jaguars – He should have taken that next step last year, but he underachieved. The whole offense that was supposed to be better than they were failed to meet the expectations. If he doesn’t bounce back in 2017, the Jags might be looking to move on from him sooner rather than later.


2) MARCUS MARIOTA, Tennessee Titans – Mariota is still very young and has a lot of time to show what he can do. Arm strength is something that he does lack, but he is a smart player that can use his legs to make a difference. He is on a right path, but Titans need to bring him some more help.


1) ANDREW LUCK, Indianapolis Colts – Luck is in a category of his own in this division. Nobody can touch him here as he is one of the best QBs in the league right now. It’s a shame that Colts fail to put the pieces around him in order for them to be successful. Luck has to do way too much on his own, and that is just not the winning formula in the NFL.