After ranking all five undefeated teams after Week 3 in the NFL, we are now taking a look at squads that haven’t been able to record a single win. We will first talk about the best of these winless teams while leaving the worst team at the bottom. Here we go.

1. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS – Blake Bortles and his offense haven’t looked as potent and dynamic as everybody thought they would. They played two competitive games against the Packers and Ravens, but still remained winless. This week they are going up against woeful Colts defense and should be able to win their first game at home.

2. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – Drew Brees is doing everything that he can to lift this team, but his defense is giving him nothing to work with. They did hold Giants at 16 points, but that was an aberration. Falcons dropped 45 on the Saints while Raiders scored 38 against them. Both times at home. The defense just looks non-existent in the Big Easy.

3. CLEVELAND BROWNS – Nobody expected much from this team, and they didn’t even meet those expectations. They had a chance in Miami but blew it. Just what we are used to seeing from Browns. Injuries have hurt them really bad, and they probably wouldn’t be on this list if their QBs were on the field and their two very good wide receivers.

4. CHICAGO BEARS – This is your worst team in the NFL as of right now. Yes, Cutler is unable to play, but he really doesn’t make the difference. He is just not a leader, and you need to have one in your QB. Their Running Back situation is dreadful, their defense can’t stop a couple of music chairs, so we can’t even think about them stopping actual NFL players. Hoyer and Jeffrey could make it work in Chicago, but right now, this squad is at the bottom of the barrel.