A couple of undefeated teams after Week 2 have fallen in Week 3. But, we still have five teams that haven’t suffered a loss in this still young 2016 NFL season. It’s time to rank these teams, from the worst of the best to the best of the best. Here we go.

5. BALTIMORE RAVENS – This team is 3-0 to start the season like every team on this list, but they really haven’t had good enough competition for us to think that this squad is for real. They are worse than some teams that are 2-1 right now. Tight wins against Bills, Browns, and Jaguars just won’t make us believers in Ravens. They could prove us wrong.

4. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES – What a surprise. Carson Wentz and this offense are looking great right now after that win against Steelers. He is surrounded by coaches who were all quarterbacks, and they are making their rookie QB feel comfortable and protected. Eagles are off to a flying start and are looking like a team to beat in the NFC East.

3. MINNESOTA VIKINGS – This Vikings defense is devastating. It’s just ruining the reputation of the best offensive players in the game. The best quarterbacks are just looking bad against this Mike Zimmer D. They played very well against Aaron Rodgers and sacked Newton 8 times, intercepted his passes on three occasions, what more would you want from defense part of your squad. This team is looking pretty good right now. Their offense still needs to be more productive for this bunch to be considered as a real contender instead of a pretender.

2. DENVER BRONCOS – The best defense in the league is doing it again. Just dominating their opponents. Siemian has looked better and better in each moment that has passed, and his performance against the Bengals was just a real eye-opener to the rest of the NFL. It was a close call between Denver and our number one team, but this team is very close and could overtake them as soon as next week.

1. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – No Brady? No Gronk for the first two games? No Garoppolo in Week 3? No problem for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. They are still 3-0 even without their best players. Oh yes and their best pass rusher Rob Ninkovich is still not available to play. “Do your job” is just not a phrase in New England, they really take that line seriously and so far everybody has done their job amazingly. And right now, they are the best team in the NFL. Looking at the current form they are pretty much perfect and if you are searching for a squad with highest goals than this one is to keep an eye on.