Ranking All Teams In AFC West Before 2017 Draft


The AFC West has probably been the best division last year. They had two Playoff teams, the third squad was just on the verge of making it to the postseason while their fourth one was also pretty decent and probably the best team that has finished last in any division. Chargers are now in LA but are they better than last year?

4) Los Angeles Chargers – When we take a look at this squad, we can see that they have the same problems that they had last year. This defense is just simply not good enough to compete with the rest of the division. Rivers will again have to do too much, and Chargers are not going to the Playoffs.

3) Denver Broncos – This defense is much better than they showed us in the second half of the season. They are going to bounce back, but can the offense give them enough points for them to win games? We think that Broncos are going to use the draft to get some offensive players and will probably make the Playoffs.


2) Kansas City Chiefs – Even though this team is talented on both sides of the ball, we just can’t put them at the top of the division as they have failed to show up when it matters. They are not getting up for the big games, and that is the main problem that this squad has.


1) Oakland Raiders – This offense is one of the best in the NFL. When you add Marshawn Lynch to the mix, you have to wonder how will other teams stop these Raiders. The defense is improving with Mack leading the way. They will get some help in the draft and be a legit threat in the AFC this upcoming season.