2018 Range Rover Velar Unveiled At The Geneva Motor Show

Source: autoexpress.co.uk

The brand-new 2018 Range Rover Velar has been presented at the Geneva Motor Show, and its chief designer described it as the most “car-like” model that has been produced by the company. The Range Rover family has been expanded, and the Velar became the fourth member, as it will sit between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Also, the new model uses the same architecture the Jaguar F-Pace is based on.

2018 Range Rover Velar Price

The starting price of the Range Rover Velar will be £44,830, and it will hit the market in the summer this year. Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern talked about the Land Rover’s new Porsche Macan competitor, and he said that it is “the most car-like Range Rover we’ve done so far, but just as capable. It’s a new type of Range Rover for a new type of customer.”


Last week, the automaker teased the new SUV by showing it from above. In the photo, a panoramic sunroof with some of the dash and screen set-up were seen, and this teaser shot attracted 40,000 customers, 12,000 out of which come from the UK, says Land Rover.

The Velar brings the latest interior by the Land Rover, which comes with a lot of high-technology features and this cabin design is supposed to become standard on next-generation models. The brand-new model will have a 1,874 mm wheelbase, while its platform will be produced out of aluminum to keep the weight under control. It will use an AWD configuration, and it will be the only one offered, and we also expect to see an off-road technology package such as Terrain Response 2.

Even though the Velar is a highly capable off-road vehicle, it is one of the most road-oriented SUV Range Rover has assembled. David Doody, vehicle program director, said: “As a mid-sized SUV, it has less inertia [than larger models in the line-up]. It’s a lot more agile. The intention is that it’s a lot sportier than a full Range Rover.”

Engine Options

Range Rover will offer up two six engine options, but each of them is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The base one is a 2.0-liter I4 Ingenium diesel that produces 178 bhp and 237 bhp in a higher state of tune. Speaking of the petrol engine, at the bottom of the lineup is a 2.0-liter Ingenium unit with the complete output of 247 bhp, but by the end of 2017, the carmaker is said to come up with a more potent version of this powerplant that will deliver 296 bhp.

The engines that will power top-shelf models are V6 – diesel, and petrol that are good for 296 bhp and 375 bhp respectively. The petrol variant is the only one that comes with a supercharger, but also the only one without turbo and if you choose this option, the Velar will go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. The range-topping powerplants may bring the most power, but the entry-level diesel variant has the best fuel efficiency, and it is rated at 142g/kg when it comes to CO2 emissions.

We expect to see JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) create its own version of the 2018 Range Rover Velar. According to McGovern, SVO usually assembles one special model per range, so for example, we have the SVR version of the Range Rover Sport or the SVAutobiography variant of the Range Rover. McGovern believes that both luxurious and sporting versions of the Velar may be produced.


In his words, the Velar is a “masterclass in design reduction.” He also added: “It’s reduction by design and engineering. If something is on the car, you take it off and it makes no difference, it shouldn’t be there anyway.” He also talked about Velar’s aerodynamics and how it hasn’t changed much in its three years. McGovern stated: “The real test [of good car design] is the transition from a concept car to production, and how much the design is diluted. With the Velar, it has hardly changed at all, even less so than was the case with the Evoque.”

The new Range Rover Velar will come in several trims, but the two of them are really special – sporty R Dynamic and luxurious HSE. However, Land Rover plans to introduce the First Edition model which starting price will be £85,450, and it is going to be even more expensive and luxurious than the HSE. The price of this vehicle is almost two times higher than the cost of the entry-level version, which only shows the broadness of Velar’s market coverage.

Range Rover Velar Interior

What will draw your attention when you set your foot inside the Range Rover Velar is a new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system which consists of two 10-inch touchscreens. A small switchgear is located between the displays while the lower part of the center console and Terrain Response selectors are replaced by another screen. According to Kevin Stride, a chief engineer of the car, these displays take the central position, and everything else is designed around them.

On the lower screen, you can see the information which often changes, opposite to the upper one. The system is fully configurable by the way, and the bottom one provides “lightning-fast responses” to make sure everything is all right. With these displays, the cabin of the Velar looks more modern and upscale, but besides these, there is a wi-fi for up to eight devices.

The biggest rivals of the Range Rover Velar are BMW’s X4 and X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE and the Macan. With the trunk space of 673 liters and plenty of leg and headroom, the company believes that the Velar is the most practical car in the class. An exciting trim that is offered is Premium Textile which comes with no leather at all inside the cabin, and the reason behind this is that there is a growing number of buyers who want a premium alternative to leather.

Some of the other technology bits and pieces include laser spotlights, touchpads on the steering wheel, an active rear locking e-differential and gesture control for tailgate opening. The Velar is equipped with double-wishbone front and integral link rear suspension, while a Torque Vectoring is standard. In order to improve throttle response and reduce assistance for the power steering, the company added Configurable Dynamics system which also allows for more rigid suspension. This setup is offered as an option on every model except on the First Edition.

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