Randy Orton’s Role At Survivor Series And Possible Plans Going Forward

Source: ewrestlingNews.com

Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw are in the process of selecting their best guys for the big 5v5 Traditional Survivor Series match. This is the one time that brands clash, so both managers need to really think about who they want representing their brand. SD Live has already started booking some qualification matches which is a good thing. It is much better than Shane and Kurt just flat out announcing the competitors without giving an explanation.

In the first qualifying match, Kevin Owens successfully defeated Sami Zayn after the cheap shot that was a payback for what Zayn did to him a week ago. This means that Randy Orton is the first guy to be announced as a part of the 5v5 Elimination match.


As far as what he might be doing in the coming weeks, he and Nakamura have been involved with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. That feud might keep on going as we are getting closer toward the Survivor Series. As Owens is probably going to lose his match against Nakamura next week, there is a chance that KO and Sami cost their brand in the 5v5 Elimination match, which can be a cause for this feud to continue.

As far as Orton goes, he has stated that he can’t wait for the writers to turn him heel and make him villain again. This guy does look tired of this babyface role that he has going on right now, but it is hard to boo him nowadays since he already has that status of a legend and definitely is a special attraction. We’ll have to wait to see what kind of a role he is going to be in going into the Wrestlemania season.