Randy Gregory Coming Back!!!


Finally, Randy Gregory is coming back after he served a two-year suspension for a failed illegal substance test on multiple occasions. This information came from attorney Daniel Moskowitz who stated that the Cowboys player would be allowed to participate in all activities of the squad, those include both training and games.

Reinstatement petition of over 2,000 pages was brought to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and its goal was to demonstrate that Gregory has changed as a person. There were misconceptions about this guy, and now he has tried to improve himself as a father, son, friend and teammate.


With the help of his lawyer, consultant Tana Ashton, and long-time powerbroker Mike Ornstein, Randy managed to persuade commissioner and his colleagues to allow him back on the field. All this comes on a conditional basis, and he will be closely monitored. This way, the league will be able to protect both player and their decision in case something goes south.

NFL congratulated Randy on his ability to fulfill all their requirements and 12-step program that are created to help people with “psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.” What Gregory needs to have in mind is the fact that this must not negatively influence his future decisions.

Another thing that significantly helped league with allowing defensive end back to the field was his honesty about the problems he faced and struggled during his career. Early predictions were that he is going to stay on “Reserve/Commissioner Suspension” list which would allow him to be in Oxnard camp, but in that case, he wouldn’t be able to participate in all team’s activities. Ultimately, he is allowed to be fully reinstated into the squad.

Goodell expressed his desire for Gregory to succeed but that the next page of his life book needs to be written by Randy himself. Hopefully for him, and Cowboys franchise, he will be able to show that those were mistakes he left behind and that he is looking forward.