Rampage Is Global Box Office Hit; Domestically, Not So Much


Dwayne Johnson’s latest action-adventure movie called Rampage is doing great at the box office. But it’s success is all due to overseas markets. Domestically movie did average at best. During its second weekend this Warner Bros project earned $57 million from 61 countries, and thanks to this it crossed the $200 million mark.

During the same time-span, it made ‘only’ $21 million domestically in the United States and Canada. Total global sum currently stands at $283 million. Its, by far, the largest market was China. In this East Asia country, Rampage made over $100 million while screening in more than 17,000 theaters.

Other states where Rampage did well include South Korea, Mexico, and United Kingdom. It amassed $3.3 million in South Korea, $2.9 million in Mexico, and $1.9 million in Great Britain respectively. WB studios are hopeful that their monster movie will generate the same amount of money from Japan, France, and Germany.

Rampage success overseas doesn’t come as a surprise. Hollywood studios started a practice decade ago of creating movies with an intention for them to fare well outside the US rather than to be focused solely on the domestic market. Another film which is a box-office success thanks to the foreign markets is Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One which earned more than $521 million.

Considering how big of a global superstar Dwayne Johnson is, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if more and more of his movies become aimed at markets outside of the US. Before Rampage hit the theaters, The Rock was promoting his film on all four sides of the globe. He even made a trip to Shanghai despite the fact that his girlfriend was close to going into labor. Thankfully she waited for Johnson to be back and welcome their baby girl together. More on that you can read here.

Also, his upcoming project Skyscraper is set in China, which is a clear sign that Johnson has his eyes set on the world’s biggest market. With a population of over 1 billion, if you become a star in China, you’re already global. No one is closest to that title than Dwayne The Rock Johnson – the man who can sell any movie.