The Race At The Top Of The Eastern Conference Is Heating Up


Cleveland Cavaliers are almost a lock to make it to the NBA finals. They are the best team in the East, and it’s tough to image anybody being able to challenge them for their spot in the Finals. But, they are having some trouble as of late and are not playing great basketball that is expected of them.

It’s too bad that the Toronto Raptors couldn’t catch up with LeBron James and the Cavaliers as they also went on a mini-losing streak. DeMar DeRozan getting hurt combined with a tough schedule for the Raptors were enough to slow this team enough for them not to be able to catch Cleveland.

Boston also went on a mini-losing streak but was able to recover and win three straight matches. Now, they are tied with the Raptors for the second spot in the East, and they will meet with Toronto on Wednesday for a chance to take over that second spot from them.

Hawks are also playing good basketball in late December and January. They have moved up to the fourth spot in the East and are just a couple of games down on the Celtics and the Raptors. They are ready to strike and take over if those two teams don’t step up their play.

Wizards have started the season 6-12, but they have gone 19-9 ever since that bad start. Now, they are fifth in the East and rising after just beating the Boston Celtics. Behind them are the Indiana Pacers that are also finally finding their groove and showing some life.

Top teams in the East have slowed down just a bit in the past ten days. We’ll see if that is going to be enough for the rest of the Eastern Conference to catch up with them and make a commotion on the table.