5 Important Questions to ask before Renting a limo


When someone mentions a limo, the first thought is often about a prom or a wedding, and rightfully so, as both of these moments mean the world for each one of us. As most have probably seen in movies, for any important event or special occasion, renting a limo is a must-to-do thing, just to enhance the overall experience. Some of you have perhaps traveled in one before and can agree that it really brings things to another level, with a chauffeur who will open and close doors for you, a mini-fridge with, most usually, cooled champagne, and many other benefits. All these things really make a difference and make even going to some party a party on its own.

How to rent a limo


Of course, these are all the benefits that we are yet to enjoy, but there are plenty of things to consider and do before renting one. Understandably, the price always plays a huge role, but that’s just one aspect to cover, and you should know that there are plenty of other things one should know before they rent a limo. For starters, everyone should know what and where to look for and what questions to ask. It can be something that can take too much of your time, especially if for those who don’t know where and what to look for, but you will be glad to know that there are two ways to find a solution. You can either click here and find all the info along with some great promo on rentals or continue reading as we will further discuss this topic and present you with the top five important questions to ask before renting one.

Insurance coverage

This question often gets overlooked as people are simply too excited or too focused on other things that they usually forget to ask about the type of insurance and its coverage before taking any action. What everyone planning to rent one should ask for is that insurance covers both driver and the passengers. Most of you are already aware that there are always some special offers, but insurance should not be a part of it, as it is an understandable thing to ask for, and as such, should be included in all packages and offers. It’s for safety reasons, and one can never be too safe.

Tipping the driver


Once we rent a limousine, we will need someone to drive it, and probably the best idea is to go with the driver that the rental company offers us. Many people will say that limo drivers have a great salary and enough money, but we need to keep in mind that they have families, and they are driving us around for some time, and we need to prepare some tips for them. It is the same as we go to the bar and tip the bartender or leave some extra money for our hairdresser. There is no minimum or maximum for tips, but it is not okay to give them less than 20% of the rental fee for the limo.


Another important thing to ask is about vehicles that one rental company can offer us. In most cases, people see the perfect vehicle in some advertisements, and they contact the rental company to get that particular limo, but sometimes these companies have more to offer. Because of that, it is necessary to talk to them before the final decision since they can show us something that we will like more than the first limo we saw. There is no need to rush, and we should not take the first vehicle we see because there is always something better for us, and we need to be careful when choosing, and asking the company about their limos can be pretty helpful.


It is not easy to find a reliable company to rent a limo from, and sometimes you will not have enough time to finish the research, so asking them about their references can be a great idea. Try not to be intrusive and ask them nicely about their vehicles and how long are they doing that job. Besides that, you can ask them about some references and other evidence that they are a trustworthy company and do their job properly. If they are reliable, they will be happy to show you various documents that prove they are doing the job as they should and provide you enough information about that, and you will be sure that you are hiring a trustworthy company.



Once we decide to rent a limo, we may think that the price they say to us is all we need to pay, but sometimes there are some extra costs that we need to be careful about. The best option to know the total price is to ask the company about additional costs because they need to tell you exactly what is included in the price and what you need to pay extra. Some of the extra costs might be because of waiting, drinks that we want to drink during our ride, and many other things that we cannot know until we ask the company. Because of that, it is better to ask in time than to end up with a huge bill that you cannot afford.

Summing up

These are just some of the most important questions to ask a rental business before renting almost any vehicle. Of course, since if you are looking to rent a limousine, it’s highly likely that some special occasion is coming soon, so why worry about the time limit, price, insurance, and other things when the whole point of renting a limo is to have a good time, and not think and worry about anything else. That is where the questions we mentioned above should come more than helpful because if you are satisfied with the answers, you should know that you are in good hands and freely focus your attention on other, more important things.