Pulsar Users Offered To Leverage Facebook Inc (FB) Topic Data For Effective Marketing Campaigns

Image source: datasift.com

Pulsar users should have a clear insight of what people are saying about their brands and products after the social media monitoring platform teamed up with data intelligence firm DataSift. The partnership gives pulsar users direct access to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) topic data. Marketers stand a chance to extract maximum value from Facebook’s 1.4 billion users by developing highly interactive and effective marketing campaigns.

DataSift enjoys an exclusive partnership with Facebook that gives it direct access to anonymized and aggregated topic data essential for in-depth marketing. Marketers have for some time been complaining about the lack of sufficient data essential for targeted advertising.

Marketing is a game of numbers, and any platform that can provide data that enhances the relevance of marketing campaigns is always sure to be in high demand. That is what Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) data is all about.
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) topic data popularity continues to grow online due to the quality of data at hand. With such data marketers have been able to develop campaigns that command huge following that always translate to direct sales.

Facebook Data For Attracting More Ads spend

Gone are the days when marketers relied on traditional yet more expensive consumer research methods for their marketing campaigns. Now they are looking for platforms that can provide a readily available audience that can translate to direct sales on airing of ads.

Sharing such important information should work to Facebook advantage as it looks to attract more ad spend and shrug Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) competition in the business. The giant social network has been shifting its attention to videos, seen as a place where future battles on the ad business will be fought.

Pulsar users now have on their hands reliable data that they can use to develop video ads that command mass appeal. More than 4 billion videos gets viewed daily on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) an opening that the marketers can use to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Source: marketingland