Psycho-Pass Season 3 Potential Release Date


Directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani and Katsuyuki Motohiro and written by Gen Urobuchi, Psycho-Pass is an anime TV series which was first released in October 2012. Then, exactly two years later, in October 2014, the second season of the anime started airing. Thus, fans expected that the studio will continue following the same release pattern and deliver Season 3 in 2016. However, they were proved wrong. Not only did they fail to deliver a new batch of episodes, but they also refuse to reveal any specific information about it.

In 2015, Akitoshi Mori, the Psycho-Pass producer, made an official announcement saying that they were definitely planning to work on the sequel, so people thought that this meant the next season would be released soon enough. In the months to come, fans were enthusiastically sharing their opinions about Season 3 online, even leaving comments about the possible release date. However, as months went by and neither Mori nor any other member of the crew working on the anime made an additional announcement regarding their project, the interest began to flag.


Some loyal fans still believe that the series will be continued, even though it has not been officially confirmed that the anime will be renewed for Season 3. The reason behind such belief might lie in the fact that the manga version of Psycho-Pass is still ongoing. Thus, some people think there is no obvious reason to keep the manga ongoing and cancel the anime, especially if we take into account the fact that both seasons released so far received more than satisfactory response from the audience. What do you think?

Since we are still waiting for someone from the Psycho-Pass production team to make an appearance and say something about the highly-anticipated sequel, we probably shouldn’t expect it to be released in not so distant future. But, who knows, we might be wrong. That’s all we know for the time being, but we promise we’ll keep you updated.