Top 5 Simple Hacks to Protect your Car from Snow


Winter is on its way, so there’s no way to avoid it. Heavy frost annoys your trip, especially when it lies on the inside of the windshield? Don’t worry since we’ve got solutions for you. There are top 5 simple hacks to protect your car from the snow that might make your morning route a bit easier.

It’s impossible to avoid winter driving!

Like everyone, you have to work from home, so it’s compulsory to leave the house at some point. Every little thing from commuting to work, to the supermarket, to a party, or going back home could become risky under harsh weather conditions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re about to face big storms, snow, or ice behind the wheel of your car, we recommend you to get well-prepared. Doing so will ensure your safety and that of other passengers. To prevent yourself from suffering this unpleasant situation, let’s purchase a car cover to protect your car.

Winter is always rough on any vehicle. Not only the freezing temperatures but also the icy roads easily lead to unavoided wear and tear to your car. Thus, go ahead and check out these car hacks to survive winter.

5 Simple hacks to protect your car from snow

1. Use the right tires for high traction

Don’t panic if your car has trouble driving through hard icy areas or on snowy roads. Based on the difficulty level of the area you live, usable tires for snow are needed here.

Using winter tires on your snowy and icy roads can give your vehicle a better grip and traction. Because in snowy areas, the road is very slippery, if you use summer tires it is definitely catastrophic for you and everyone around you. You can research suitable tires for use in the snow at for safe winter trips.

2. Defrost the car window

Importantly, you shouldn’t use hands only to wipe the frosty windows, or you just leave smears and your wedding ring could scratch the glass.

Instead of that, you can find an empty spray bottle and fill it up ⅓ of the bottle with water, and the other ⅔ with alcohol. Trust me because it works like magic. The alcohol owns a freezing point of 128 degrees below freezing, so it can help melt the ice without difficulty.

Another good way to try out is putting the shaving cream on the inside of the windows before wiping it off. It might sound weird at first, but it works!

Last but not least, turn on the AC in the car – it’ll get rid of moisture from the air to stop the condition. And never put liquids inside your vehicle overnight when it leads to more condensation and finally frost.

3. Place socks in the glovebox


At the moment, socks aren’t just made for your feet, but also a great tool to cover your wiper blades overnight. They will maintain the windshield nicer and cleaner, which is a good thing in such harsh weather conditions.

What to do here is raising the wiper blades and then slipping your socks over the ends. They prevent ice from piling up on the blades, which simplifies the de-icing process in the early morning. After that, just throw the old socks in your glovebox – well, they’re amazing for more than just this.

4. Use car cover alternatives

A few drivers without access to their garage in the winter would think of using a car cover. It’s one of the best things you can do for your car during this uncomfortable winter season. Aside from guarding it against snow and ice, these covers could protect your vehicle from theft and retain its value for sure.

Besides, we recommend you to use some other budget-friendly cover alternatives to extend the life of it. Plastic bags or rubber bands are the essentials for you to cover all side mirrors so that they’re free of ice and snow.

So finally, no matter if you’re driving a Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes, or any other type of car, a car cover is a perfect solution all winter long.

5. Coat car keys with hand sanitizers


The important part of the car that easily freezes is the keyhole. While you’re attempting to get the car run and can’t turn the lock, just imagine this panic at that moment. To dodge the issue, you need to bring your hand sanitizer along with you all the time.

And how about the solution? Simply cover the car keys in the sanitizer and continue unlocking the car door. Your hand sanitizer has alcohol, which is the best ingredient melting any icy substance inside that lock. Does it sound easy? Yes, sure enough.

Apart from that, you can choose the petroleum jelly on the car key before sticking the key in the ignition. Make sure to jiggle it around for a while. Remember that when using the jelly, it’s necessary to wipe the keys off later. Any substance like alcohol and Vaseline will help prevent frozen door locks.

Final words

In poor weather or harsh conditions, you need to use defensive skills to ensure yourself to be as safe as possible. Winter is a sad time for drivers, so you need to use these top 5 simple hacks to protect your car from snow. They can save you from all troubles coming with that white yet tough snow.