The proposal which went horribly wrong


Darrell Hamilton had it all perfectly planned out: He bought a beautiful wedding ring for his girlfriend Rheanna Lopez, rented a private plane for a flight above California and adjusted the camera to capture the pivotal moment when she would hopefully say YES. However, the perfect plan turned out to be a complete failure.

The initial plan was to have Rheanna look through the window at the moment they are flying over Reedley, a small city in the central California, as the flowers in the garden, underneath made a sign “Marry me.” His cousin helped him make this sign before they took off. Everything was set, Darrell took out the ring, previously asking his beloved girlfriend to look through the window. When she turned, her face filled with excitement, her boyfriend started to vomit.

“I couldn’t hold it much longer,” he continued. “I just tapped her on the shoulder. I didn’t even ask her. I just gave her a ring.”

The nausea was caused by the plane flight, and unfortunately, it manifested in the most inconvenient moment possible for Darrell. Instead of getting a kiss, a hug and tears of happiness, his fiancée had to hold his head while vomiting, while he was still holding the ring in his hands.

“It had nothing to do with being nervous,” Hamilton said. “I got sick from being inside the plane. It was a tiny plane, and the pilot was helping me look for the sign I made her. The tilting kind of messed with my stomach.”

However, the unfortunate event did not prevent Rheanna and Darrell from making their love official: she said yes with enormous happiness in her voice. Apart from getting the love of his life, he also scored a couple of hundred views on Youtube.