No matter how high-quality and interesting content you make, it will not allow you to succeed on Instagram without a well-built promotion strategy. In many ways, success depends on how you interact with your audience, how you analyze statistics and how you plan for the future of the blog. Today we will talk about how you can promote your blog.

Contact the professionals

In 2022, you should not hope that you will be able to promote your account without outside help. This is almost impossible for new users because all niches have long been occupied by popular creators and it is very difficult to create something that is radically different from others.

For this reason, we recommend that you turn to experienced companies such as Viplikes that help bloggers grow their audience cheaply and in a short period of time. You can cooperate with such companies as many times as you like, at those moments when you need it. The main thing is to do it at the initial stage.

Choose the right time to post

Many bloggers make a serious mistake by posting at random times. They usually face the problem that publications do not gain a large number of likes and views and do not understand what this is connected with. Before you find the best time to post, you need to try posting at different times and look at the statistics.

Usually the best feedback posts are those that were published in the afternoon, for example, after lunch and in the late afternoon. At this time, many people are already tired of their business and want to see what’s new in social networks.

Don’t post early in the morning or late at night. At this time, people either get ready for work or spend time with family and get ready for bed. Most likely they do not have the time and opportunity to scroll the feed.

Also, the statistics are affected by the day of the week on which new content appears. If you publish something every day, then this advice does not apply to your activity. However, know that the most effective days are Wednesday and Sunday. This is due to the fact that these days people most of all want to take a break from the routine and get distracted by some content, but for example, few creators publish something on weekends. Your posts will be visible to all your followers at the top of the feed.

Subscribe to colleagues

To gain a large audience, you first need to subscribe to those people who make content similar to yours. This will allow you to make friends with fellow topics and get a subscription from both them and their subscribers.

Do not consider your colleagues enemies and competitors, because conflicts and closeness from new acquaintances will ruin your reputation and you will not be able to win the trust of users. Of course, many creators are popular due to quarrels with other bloggers, but this popularity is not worth it, because everyone speaks about them in a negative way.

You can find like-minded people using hashtags or in the search section. There, as a rule, profiles are recommended that suit your interests and may appeal to you. Try to like their posts more often, write comments and subscribe to them. Then you will create a circle of people with similar interests and together you will go towards your goal.

Communicate with your audience

It is difficult to trust a person who posts empty photos without a caption and does not respond to comments. Such an account does not look alive and the soul of the author is not felt in it. Therefore, you should sign each photo, tell some stories, ask questions to users, share secrets, and so on.

If you are asked a question or told something, do not ignore it. You should respond to every comment and try to keep in touch with your audience. So people will understand that you are a really good person with whom they can share something from their lives or get an answer to a question of interest.

Another effective way to build interaction with subscribers is to conduct pools in stories. You can post a multiple choice question for users to choose from. For example, if you came to the store to choose new sneakers, then show a photo of two pairs to subscribers and ask them to choose which one suits you best. They will be happy to influence your choice.

Comment on the posts of major bloggers

In addition to interacting with creators of your level, you should pay attention to large bloggers. Of course, communicating with them is quite problematic because they may not notice you among other users, but you can impress their subscribers.

Write comments under the posts of major bloggers and brands, thereby attracting the attention of people. They may be interested in you and see what you are doing. The main thing is to choose creators who have an audience that suits you, so as not to waste time.

A small life hack is leaving comments not immediately after publication, but after a few hours. Then you will not get lost among hundreds of other users and your comment will be at the top. The creator’s followers will pay attention to you and go to your profile.

For the greatest effect, you can speak out on some controversial topic and thereby provoke people to discuss this issue with you. However, we do not recommend that you often use provocations because this can lead to conflicts.

Remember that only interesting or funny comments work. Banal emoji or praise for the author will not be enough. Be creative to grab attention. Otherwise, you will spend time searching for accounts and writing comments, but this will not bring results.


It is still possible for a beginner to succeed on Instagram. However, now in the era of a huge number of creators, you need to put in a lot of effort in order to take a significant place in your niche.