Priyanka Chopra has been lately seen as a global star, and she managed to leave quite an impression on Hollywood that now sees her as a woman with great acting skills and brilliant dressing style. If you do not know her like this, then you must know her from her recent social media trolling that came right after she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin while wearing a short dress.

She is also interesting to us because of one more thing. Recently she gave an interview for Glamour Magazine in which she commented on the importance of having a voice and speaking about things. On this occasion, she said “I feel like we live in a world right now where everything gets magnified so much and most of us are afraid to have an opinion because everything gets magnified and everyone has an opinion on the internet. Since when did trolling become international news first of all? It’s TROLLING FOR A REASON.”

The famous actress continued by saying that social media trolling does not affect her that much because “I don’t care, I get so much love and affection from people on my social media. I focus on that. And second of all, that’s how you should treat life. I was raised by my parents to have an opinion, I was raised to be fearless, I was raised to not be a girl who was meant to always be quiet and demure. I was told to be the best that I can be and I wish that for every girl-child on the planet.”

She also used this opportunity to point out that her Baywatch co-star Dwayne Johnson would be, without a doubt, a great marriage material. She stated “I definitely think he would make great marriage material because I’ve seen him with his family and I’ve seen him with his kids and I know how much of a family man he is. The one thing you need in a husband is honesty and trust and The Rock totally exudes that.” I think that we already know that Dwayne is all that but it is always nice to hear it from someone else. We just hope that Dwayne’s wife will not get jealous and take Priyanka’s statement in a wrong way.

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