Prime Indoor Playgrounds For Kids All Around The World


As we all know, kids enjoy playing and they should. It is a fun activity, that combines social interaction, physical exercise, and mental stimulation. Certainly, much better than your kid spending his whole day in front of a PC screen or a tablet. Frequent playtime greatly interacts with forming of a healthy and happy kid.

Though playing outdoor is certainly healthiest and the most fun it does have some limits. Once the weather goes wrong, and it starts raining or snowing there goes the chance of your kid playing out there. Luckily, there are alternatives, and certainly, the best is taking your kid to an indoor playground. With the times we are living in there are numerous options, some even being more fun than the outdoor ones, with all the structures and designs that are established. Wherever you might live, there are many playgrounds offered, but our goal is to show you the best ones. That’s why we made a top 7 list of indoor playgrounds all around the world. Let’s check it out!

  1. Leos Lekland. Kalmar is a harbor town situated in the south-east part of Sweden and offers a lot of things for its visitors. And among all, it offers one of the biggest indoor playgrounds in the whole country. The Leos Lekland has a 4500 square meters innovative space, with all types of different attractions. Your kid and even you can have a lot of fun climbing the well designed-walls or passing the fairy tail bridges. Along with that, there are colorful ball pools, that we have all enjoyed at least once and all type of other equipment that you might think of. In the end, this indoor playground offers the option for rest and refreshment in the beautiful Leo’s café. Can’t get much better than this, can it? Be sure to check this place out through
  1. Bangsar Shopping Center. If you are a resident of Malaysia or live in some of the neighboring countries, don’t miss the amazing children indoor gym in Kuala Lumpur. Designed as a jungle, it offers a wide variety of fun activities – from the regular ball pools, tunnels, slides, trampolines, climbing walls, etc. to the amazing skating rig. If your kid is brave and adventurous rent him a roller blade and lets him enjoy the best time of his life. With the jungle motives being all around, your kid will feel the call of the wild. Be sure to check it out at
  1. The Great Escape. If you are a Canadian citizen, this will be just the right option for you and your kid. Situated in the small town of Langley, it is a 4-floor indoor playground again done in the jungle motives. There are a lot of regular playground activities like ball pools, climbers, tunnels, etc. and there is even an ocean-themed interactive part meant for toddlers. Still, no one restricts enjoying it yourself as well, does it? It is surely going to be a fun few hours for you and your kid out here.
  1. This one is surely among the top few biggest indoor playgrounds in the world and is a top-notch pick once you are visiting the beautiful country of Singapore. Situated in a building that is covering the area of 9,500 square meters it has one of the most diverse offers out of all. No matter what age your kid is, he is sure to have fun. There are mini sliders, and pits for toddlers, while the older ones can enjoy the jungle themed gym that features rigs, climbers, tunnels, and everything they can think of. Beautifully designed, this is the right place for the children from 3 to 12 years of age. Check it out at
  1. For you folks living out there in the sunny state of California, this one will impress you. Situated in Los Angeles, it is more than welcome for you and your kid no matter the age. Though maybe not the biggest one it still offers 5000 square meters of complete fun. From sand and ball pits to climbing walls and interactive trampolines your kid is sure to enjoy his time. It even offers a café that you can sit at and enjoy a break. Be sure to check it out at
  1. Indoor Playgrounds Kids Valley. There is much more to Belgian chocolate that this country has to offer. An amazing indoor playground covering the area of 7500 square meters is sure to impress you and your kid. From the activities like climbing, jumping and using the sliders, to creeping out at the haunted house, this indoor jungle has everything you would think of. There is also a toy shooting field and a cinema. Now that is a diverse space. Get more info on
  1. Kerry Adventure Zone. Last, but not least, is one of the most popular playgrounds in the big China country situated in its capital, Bejing. After you and your kind had one of those beautiful meals that Bejing has to offer go and burn some of that here. An interactive playground offering trampolines, climbing walls, nets, and other games is sure to impress your kid. Go and check it out at


As you can see no matter where you live there are more than enough healthy and fun options for your kid to enjoy its afternoon in an indoor facility. Don’t wait any longer go and have some fun together!