Prescott To Romo: Don’t Call Out To Many of Our Plays


The entire NFL audience is in awe of what Tony Romo can do in the commentary booth. His ability to predict the plays before they happen is steadily becoming legendary. Despite being in the business for only three months, people are already saying that there wasn’t another one like him.

Another man who is aware of Tony Romo’s abilities both on the field and in the booth is Dak Prescott. The Cowboys starting quarterback got the job after Romo got injured. Consequentially you can say that he pushed this man into football retirement. But, he also opened the door for commentary world, where Tony is doing absolutely fantastic calling out plays before the snap happens.

Romo spent the first half of the last season injured, while the second half he was a backup to Prescott. Before that, he was the Cowboys starting QB for years. Thanks to this Romo knows how Dallas offensive schemes work. That is why Dak Prescott joked that he hopes that Romo won’t reveal too much during the Sunday match vs. Chiefs. If you didn’t know, Tony will be in the commentary booth during Kansas City Chiefs vs. Dallas Cowboys duel at AT&T Stadium.

Prescott stated: “Hopefully he doesn’t call out and guess too many of our plays. He’ll still be very familiar with them. So hopefully he can stay away from that this week.”

While everybody took this as a joke, there is a pinch of truth in Prescott’s words. The things on the offense must have changed from the last year, but Romo was part of the Cowboys franchise for years. He was the starting QB for America’s Team through entire tenure of Jason Garrett, who started as an offensive coordinator in 2007.

Romo has shown an ability to predict plays of the teams that he never played for. We wonder what he can do commentating on the organization he dedicated his entire career. Not to mention how familiar he must be with all of the ideas of Jason Garrett.

The duel between Cowboys and Chiefs will be exciting on its own on the field, but now it’s just got a bit more interesting in the booth. Let’s just hope that Romo won’t reveal too much of the Cowboys offensive schemes.