Prescott Or Elliot – More Likely To Have A Sophomore Slump?


A sophomore slump is something that is very well known in the world of sports. When someone has a great rookie year but fails to meet the expectations the next season, it is called a sophomore slump. Just simply failing to match the level of play in year two that a player had in year one. Not that we think that Prescott or Elliot will have a slump, but who is more likely to have it?

The answer is Dak Prescott. And this was an easy decision. We know that Ezekiel Elliott is a star running back. That offensive line that he is running behind isn’t going anywhere. All of those holes that they are able to create are still going to be there. Unless some kind of injury occurs, we don’t see a 21-year-old player losing his quickness, speed, and explosiveness that he showed last year. There is almost no chance of him not playing well in 2017.

On the other hand, Dak Prescott is still not a star quarterback. He is well on his way to being a franchise signal caller, but he does still have something to prove. Can we imagine him not playing as well as he did in the year one? Yes, we can. He made all the right plays and decisions in his rookie year, but the focus of the opposing defenses was on stopping Ezekiel Elliot. Plus, teams had no game tape of Prescott so they really couldn’t prepare for him. Now, the defenses will be ready. Even though we don’t think that he is going to fall off, he is definitely more likely to struggle in 2017 than Ezekiel Elliot is.