What does Power Leveling Mean in Destiny 2?


Power leveling in Destiny 2 is something that has constantly been confusing players. The confusion is so intense that people have asked this question time and again in question forums and gaming communities. Destiny 2 is a game that makes the users work for each reward and upgrade they get. The power leveling system is at the core of the game so let us help you understand how power leveling works and, more importantly, what power leveling is.

What is Power Leveling in Destiny 2?

The power level in Destiny 2 is a number that denotes the average number of all the gear and armor that your character has. The power level might seem like an excessive number, but it is important in the sense of letting you know if your character’s strength and the weapons in your arsenal.

Knowing the power level and how much gear you have is crucial because it helps you strategically manage the upcoming challenges and improve your performance. If you are a beginner, you can easily level up by continuing to play and participate in different missions and campaigns.

You will always get enough opportunities to get upgrades and rewards. You can go on to more challenges by unlocking rewards in the previous ones. Reaching the first power cap is comparatively easy, and it is only as you move forward that you start noticing difficulties in understanding how the power level works. Now that you know that it is related to your character’s strength at any given point let us further understand how power leveling works.

Understand How Leveling Thresholds Work


As a beginner, you will get plenty of opportunities to learn the intricacies of the game as you move forward. As the game keeps developing, one needs to improve their power level to continue with different seasons. For instance, the 15th season of Destiny 2 is called Season of the Lost, and the highest power level that a player can achieve before the season ends is the Pinnacle Cap.

But reaching Pinnacle Cap is the final level. Before that, you need to first get a soft cap and a powerful cap. If you are a beginner, then all you need to understand is that you need to get your power level to 1270 PL to get a soft cap. How do you do this? Simple, you just keep playing and taking up challenges as they are presented to you.

Reaching a specific power level or a number where you will eventually get a cap is called a leveling threshold. It is called threshold because you are crossing the level where you stop being a beginner and become a player with a soft cap. Reaching the powerful cap is another threshold you will cross when you reach the power level at 1320.

It is not as easy as getting a soft cap because the route to get into this power level is difficult and will require you to improve your skills and collect as much gear as possible to climb efficiently. Once you are at 1320 PL, the next natural power level is to move on to Pinnacle gear. Since it is the final power level you can achieve, you can take your time with it and improve your performance in the game to prepare for the next season.

The Highest Power Level


Getting a Pinnacle Cap is like reaching the saturation point. It will be the topmost power level that many users can reach if they have not acquired a seasonal pass. But for each player with a seasonal pass, you can level up by making good use of Seasonal Artifact. You can make use of it as soon as you come to level 7 and get the Pinnacle Cap.

The idea behind a Seasonal Artifact is to keep upgrading it and adding to your power level by gaining experience. So even if you have achieved the highest Pinnacle when it comes to power levels, you can still work on upgrading the Seasonal Artifact and continue enjoying the season.

Know Your Alternatives

Whether you are a beginner or a player who has been struggling to achieve a higher PL, you should always be aware of your options. If you want to increase your power level while also collecting rewards and getting upgrades, then you can seek professional help. Opting for boosting services is not cheating, as professionals and seasoned gamers are helping you out to reach the level you want to be at.

If you want to continue playing at a higher level or just want help to overcome a challenge that you feel stuck at, you can always contact boosting service, and professionals would be right there to help you. These services are worth investing in because they will improve your efficiency in the game. If you want to contact a game boosting service, click here.

Educate Yourself

If you are involved in the game and after and want to play at a higher level, you will need to be prepared for it. Slowly as your power level increases, you will have to be acquainted with the benefits of the gear that you possess and how to use it effectively. Increasing your experience in the game will help you strategically overcome the challenges and campaigns you undertake in the future.

For instance, some of the basic things that you will need to learn are the impact of each weapon, the recovery and intellect for the armor that you have, and the type of gear that you are using. Improve your weapons and your gear as you move forward to face any mission that might come your way.

The Takeaway

Now you know what power leveling means in Destiny 2 and how important it can be to improve the game. It might seem confusing and complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you can understand how the character’s strength builds up with each upgrade and reward.