Possible Creative Plans For John Cena

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As you probably already know, John Cena hasn’t been on the WWE television since winning the mixed tag team match with Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33 and proposing to her in the immediate aftermath of that battle. His return date is set, and we now know when the leader of Cenation is going to be back in the WWE. On Smackdown’s July the 4th edition, Cena will make his return.

Since that is a big American holiday and the WWE Champion is Jinder Mahal, an anti-American character, the general belief is that Cena is going to be the one that will challenge the Modern Day Maharaja for the WWE Championship.

The reports are saying that if this happens, Cena might fight Mahal at one or maybe even two pay per view events. This is a classic Cena vs. anti-American character storyline that people are probably already tired of. But, these are not the only rumors that involve John Cena.

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The second big story that is swirling around as of late is that John Cena won’t be a member of the Smackdown Live roster anymore. This doesn’t mean that he is going to jump ship to Monday Night Raw. In fact, it implies that Cena is going to be a free agent that is going to be able to be on both shows.

We are not sure why would the company go through with this idea, but our guess is that they want to boost ratings on both the blue and red brand. Cena is for sure still the biggest draw that the company has on their roster right now besides Brock Lesnar. So, from that standpoint, this is probably a good idea. But, in reality, there needs to be a good storyline that is going to explain why is John Cena a free agent all of a sudden.