How to Properly Position a Rug in a Living Room: 6 Interior Design Tips


Each of us wants to live in an ideally arranged home. It’s a different feeling when you wake up in a house where you have invested your effort, imagination, and creativity to make it equally beautiful for enjoyment. It’s a better feeling when you see all your hard work come to fruition, i.e. with a beautiful appearance of the living room, bedroom, or any other part of the home. If you also want to have a beautiful home, in that case, you need to invest a little of your creativity, and if you don’t have it, we are here to help you.

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your home or to add something that will be unique and beautiful at the same time but don’t know where to start? Plenty of interior design tips can help you achieve the look you desire, the look you want to enjoy and have in front of your eyes every day. In this article, we are going to teach you how to properly position some of the modern rugs in a living room, bringing you some tips that will help your living room look special. Let’s see what we have to offer you.

6 Interior Design Tips that will Make Your Living Room Better – Just Properly Position a Rug


1.If you want your beautiful floor to dominate, choose a smaller rug that will be just an accessory in the living room

Most homeowners invest large sums of money to decorate their homes down to the smallest detail. So, for example, some of them invest in having shiny floors that would be on point. Are you one of them? In that case, we recommend you choose a small modern rug that you would place in the living room in a symbolic place where it would be a great addition to the space. However, if you want the beauty of the floor to stand out, it is best to place a smaller model of the rug to fully fit the idea.

2. You can choose a small round rug that you would place under the coffee table

According to the style that you follow in the arrangement of your home, it would be good to add another accessory to the whole look. A great idea for you would be to place a small round rug under the coffee table. Choose a color that would be interesting for you, but would also fit into the entire space, buy the desired model and simply position it under the coffee table. Trust me, anyone who visits your home will notice this change and give you great compliments.

3. Place a few smaller rugs around the living room to add some dynamism to the space

The next thing that you can apply in your living room to add new detail and play up the space is to add a few small rugs. Place them in several places that you will determine, and some of our suggestions for places where you can place them are the space under the coffee table, under the sofa, in front of the bookshelf, or on the walkway itself around the room. You only have to choose where you will place them, but also what their appearance will be and where you will place them.

4. Place a rug that would cover the surface under the sofa and the coffee table – this way you will protect the floor from scratches and destruction, but also beautify the space

If you are afraid that the floor may be destroyed or damaged in any way by the movement of the sofa and coffee table, in that case, we have a suggestion. In addition to protecting the floor, you will also have the opportunity to beautify the space. What to do? Place a beautiful carpet that will be in the colors in which the space is decorated. Simply choose the rug model you like best, buy it, move the furniture, sweep the floor, install the rug, and put the furniture back in place. The final look will warm your heart, trust us.

5. Place long rugs along the paths through the living room, thus you will give the space organization and a different look

In each of the rooms in the home, there are paths along which we usually move to reach the endpoint in the space. There are such paths of movement in the living room, so it might be good to mark them, but at the same time organize the movement space by placing long rugs with an interesting appearance. First of all, you will have a nice novelty in the space, the colors of the rugs will match the colors that you used to decorate the space, and thus you will get something different that will improve the overall picture in your living room.

6. You can also buy several rugs that you will change seasonally and position differently

The living room undergoes several design and editing changes during a year by placing various decorative elements, and changes in the layout, but also by adding new details to the space. Why not include the rugs in the new details? It’s simple! Choose several rugs with a similar or different design and place them at different times of the year. In this way, you will give dynamics to the space, make it interesting in each subsequent season or period, and enjoy the space in which you spend most of your time during the day.



You thought that the space in the living room could be rearranged, changed, and beautified only with small details that you would place on the shelves or coffee tables? That is not so! There are many ways to decorate and enhance a space, and installing a rug is just one of them. Before you are 6 ways how to position the rug in the best way, but also how to best improve the interior in your living room. After applying these tips, every next coffee you drink in the living room will be sweeter and more beautiful.