Portal 3 Release Date: News and Update


Upon tasting Portal 2, many people were certain that its sequel would definitely come at some point. But as always, Valve decides not to provide the fans with any official news on the matter but to remain silent instead. In spite of this, there are many reasons for us to believe that this sequel will come out in the foreseeable future, and that moment could come very soon.

Portal games revolve around Chell. Shortly, the characters need to put some things together in order to progress, but they also own a super cool teleport which enables them to change different portals. On the other hand, there is Chell who is fighting against the bad guys that impose a threat to her. Both of the titles were widely accepted which makes it even clearer why Valve should definitely move on to making the next installment. The ending of the last sequel left us quite bewildered, so it feels like the game requires having at least its closure.


Portal 3 Release Date

Even though Valve has been extremely mysterious and not eager to reveal anything, keeping thus its fans on their toes, it is likely that we’ll be seeing Portal 3 really soon. But how soon?

As you all have probably figured by now, the release date is also unfamiliar. Many assumed that the introduction would happen by the end of the previous year but no such luck. So we have our fingers crossed to hear some news on its release this year. Let’s see whether 2017 will be the lucky year.