Porsche was rumored to launch a competitor of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S, which was supposed to be an all electric variation of the new 2016 Porsche Panamera. However, the development chief of the prestige brand, Wolfgang Hatz, has brushed off the rumors saying, “A Tesla is a fine car, but you cannot drive it enthusiastically without losing range or performance too quickly.”

Porsche not coming with Tesla rival

Porsche, at present, offers plug-in hybrids, and the development boss is quite happy and satisfied with it, according to a report from the British magazine Autocar. Hatz, further, informed that he is not sure if the all-electric vehicles are ready for the market or not.

Explained his reasoning, the executive said Porsche is an all sports firm and therefore the buyers had certain expectations from it. “Until the technology offers such a solution to these problems we will not be looking at launching such a car,” said Hatz.

Plug-in hybrids are at the top most priority of the German automaker, even though the company only has worked on building an all-electric Porsche Boxster prototype with various groups both public and private.

What is Porsche focusing at?

Fastest accelerating production sedan in the world, Model S P85D was recently unveiled by Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). On a single charge, Tesla car can manage more than 250 miles, and is also capable of range and super-fast acceleration. Therefore, it could be said that Porsche is delusional, and appears to be pre-occupied with something else like German Autobahns.

Cars that can run at excessive high speeds of 100 mph on the 60 percent or so of German Autobahns with no official speed limit have been considered by many German automakers including Porsche. Most of those makers among whom Porsche is one want to make cars that can exceed the legal limits set by the government.

Porsche may not be coming with an all-electric version, but that does not prevent Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to further strengthen its product line-up. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, recently, informed that the much-awaited details on the update of the company’s first car, Roadster, will be announced next week.


  1. Similar to those 4wd off road Jeep owners that have never seen an ounce of mud on their perfectly waxed paint. Just once I want to see a Land Rover or Hummer H2 covered in mud.

  2. Porsche does have an image to uphold. I would rather see Porsche wait it out, then rush to put out a terrible car like Cadillac did.

  3. You should test drive one, or talk to some of the owners, friendly people. Unlike all other electric cars I’ve been in, the Tesla Model S actually does get close to the rated range using all the accessories and spirited driving. I have had my p85 for 15,000 miles now, and only 1 mile of range lost, that’s less than my Acura and GM gas engines lost in that distance. The worst case scenario is frozen winter, where the battery heater runs, limits your available horsepower to only 300hp and I still get over 200 miles of range, full heat, radio, headlights, etc. Tesla also has about 15 – 20 mile reserve at empty 0 miles, larger than some cars full battery. Until you own an electric car, it’s impossible for anyone to realize the myth of a 2 minute fill up of gas. In my city, it takes 15 minutes just to drive to the cheaper gas station, 5 – 10 minute wait for the guys in front of you to finish and pay, 5 minutes to pump, then 15 minutes to drive home. You’re actually talking 40 minutes for that “2 minute fill up”. I timed it after I bought the car, before getting rid of the old gas car. With the Tesla Model S When I get home, I plug in, go inside, that’s it. It takes 20 seconds to plug in. Tesla’s home chargers put about 62 miles of range on the car, compared to all other electric cars, which may put anywhere between 10 – 20 miles per hour. The car is certainly not for everyone, that’s why Tesla is working on the Model 3, building a new 2 seat roadster, and plans to make trucks in the future.

  4. I highly doubt the Tesla gets the quoted range when running it like most drivers using things like ac/heat, radio, and quick accelerationsi bet half the range plus it gets worse over time with the batteries degrading each year. So that means you would have to plug it in more often and wait for your car to charge. Im sorry but the ultimate luxury is a 2 minute fill up not hours of charging. Electrics are a long ways off but the technology is advancing relatively fast.

  5. At least the kids are safe and sound being taken to school in a 911. And no, Mr. Hatz would never say that let alone beg. Now does anyone wish to comment on how the questionable rear seat design is keeping the Model X from making it to production so that May can put all her kids in the back seats and drive them to school?

  6. I will admit, The P85D will beat my four door Porsche in 0 to 30 MPH sprint, but the police officer watching will still take out his mighty pad and pen. All racing should not take place on public roads, and if Motortrend says the only thing that matters is 0 to 60 MPH in support of the mass media directive, then perhaps the automakers should not send them any fast and good handling cars to test. Now, does anyone want to comment on TESLA’s stopping distance or handling or having to place 50 icebags under it so that it does not have to be a complete disappointment for the one lap around the track?

  7. Accelerating to 60 MPH in 3.1 seconds as my Porsche does is illegal also, considered racing, so your argument above is flawed and is simply blindly supporting the mass media directive.

  8. Porsche relies on those buyers who buy Porsches because they can go on the track if they want – but they ever do. It’s the same with a lot of SUVs, which are purchased for their ability to go off-road, but they never do.

    Witness Porsche’s own commercials where children are getting taken to school in a 911. (that is definitely not a sports car or track-oriented application – I hope!) The Cayenne is their biggest-selling vehicle. Hardly ever used as a sports car.

    I hope this chap is not implying that Porsche could easily drop those non-sporty customers and still continue as if nothing had happened.

    Tesla electric cars are already taking more and more sales away from Porsche. Eventually they will change their tune.

    Hatz off to you Wolfgang for producing some beautiful cars, but put it this way… once the Model X comes out and absolutely decimates the sales of your biggest-selling model Cayenne… you will be sitting up and begging “what would you like us to do to keep our sales figures, oh dear customers??? A battery-electric car??? No problem!!!”


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