Porsche Majun a sub-Macan crossover is being prepared!


If you remember the good old days when you used to talk about Porsche, it meant talking about one of the most familiar high-performance sports cars the Porsche 911. That was the dream car for many boys as well as grown men and the bread maker to the company but the times have changed since and now when you mention Porsche and their best-selling model the story shifts in favor of the Macan. 2014 was the year the Macan was made and just as soon as 2015 it managed to stack up more than 80.000 sold units all over the world. What shows how much the time has stepped on the 911 is the fact that it isn’t even in the second place when sales are considered. No, the second place goes to the Cayenne with 73.119 units sold, again larger model. Both of these crossovers have lots to be thanked for, at least by Porsche, because those two crossovers made a sale figure of 200.000 cars a year for the first time in the company’s existence.

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The present!

This is more than admirable, but what is, even more impressive, is the fact that a total number of sales so far is 225,121 delivered worldwide which puts the Macan and Cayenne as by far the most popular vehicles in company’s lineup. OK, this is all fine, but let’s think ahead for a while. As you know after a while customers get fed up with one product, and sales figures start to decline a little, then a little more, and then you found yourself making something no one wants anymore. Because this is Porsche, we are talking about the fact that they made a plan already continue wherever Macan and Cayenne end. That plan means creating another crossover, but this time one that would be smaller and cheaper than a base Macan that has a $47.500 price tag. As the Auto Bild reported that plan has a name and it is Major. Since this is still in concept stages, many reports and speculations have emerged, but one stands out the most, and it came from Automobile Magazine which speculates that the Major will have some similarities with an electric Volkswagen crossover or the Audi Q4 (currently delayed due to the Dieselgate until 2023).


The reality is?

Well, the reality is, that this vehicle is very likely and probably will see the light of day, but what is out of the question is the near future appearance. The Porsche has its hands full firstly with the all-new Cayenne, but secondly, it is devoted working on the production version of the Mission E concept. To add upon all of this, Panamera will probably come in a wagon version which will be the first time ever and it will happen in 2017, while the coupe version is in the plan as well. When we said, Porsche has its hands full we meant it. The 911 fans can be happy knowing that company is preparing to facelift the GT3 and introduce a range-topping GT2, while at the same time working on the next gen that is due to hit the streets in end of 2018 or early 2019.

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