Get Inspiration for Your Pool with These Pool Design Trends


With the ongoing pandemic making it impossible to go on vacation, many people are now welcoming the idea of installing swimming pools in their homes. By making this investment, you can enjoy a holiday-like experience without having to leave your premises.

If you are thinking about building a swimming pool at home, you need to ensure that it conforms to the latest and stylish trends.

The following are some of the best pool design trends you can use in your swimming pool explained by professionals.

1. Advanced LED Lighting

If you plan to use your pool after sunset, installing advanced LED lighting is essential because they increase visibility. Moreover, they come in several colours, meaning that you can adjust the hue to create varying atmospheres.

Another benefit of LED lighting is its eco-friendliness. Since they are sustainable than other lighting solutions, they do not add much to your electricity bill and can last for up to 10 years, provided you use them correctly.

You can also install apps on your smartphone that control the lights’ level of brightness and colour. Though this seems fancy, it is undoubtedly convenient.

2. Built-in Bars

One of the top reasons people build pools is to provide a relaxing spot with family and friends. After all, there is no reason to go out if your backyard offers the ultimate pastime experience.

The best pool parties often have a few beers, cocktails, and barbeque grills. This is why many homeowners consider built-in bars an essential addition to their swimming pool. Even better, you can customise the bars to suit your preferences.

Nowadays, you don’t have to build bars by the poolside – you can have them integrated into the pool. This means you don’t need to get out of the water to grab your favourite drink.

3. Saltwater Pools

If you love swimming at the beach, why not create a similar experience at home? You can make your pool identical to swimming in the ocean by using salt water instead of freshwater. Besides making your pool unique, saltwater also requires little maintenance.

Additionally, saltwater is a healthier alternative to chlorine since it is natural and contains fewer chemicals. Chorine can irritate your skin and eyes, especially if you overstay in the water. The saltiness also helps in keeping the water bacteria-free.

4. Dark-Coloured Interiors

Most swimming pools have a light blue colour because it resembles seawater. However, people are now becoming fond of dark-coloured interiors. The most significant benefit of using darker hues is that they increase heat absorption, meaning that you spend less money warming the water.

Furthermore, darker shades tend to be more attractive than light colours. On the downside, it can be challenging to notice debris in the water.

5. Overflowing

In case you have small kids, building a pool with overflowing and different levels of depth might be the best solution to assure each member of the family to have a great time. Also, you have a wide selection of designs that you can implement in this pool. For example, you can add various features in different parts of it where you can install water bubbles, fountains, waterfall, and more.

6. Spa Centre

You can choose some of the most recent innovations related to the instalments and designs of pools and install a spa centre that you can convert into a standard pool with only one button. You can choose one side of it where you can build a system of walls that can lift or go down. That way, you can enjoy the great benefits of water massage while you can still be able to have enough space for swimming and have fun with your family.

7. Part of Your Fitness Centre

While it can be a great source of entertainment, you can also choose to add some accessories to your pool that will help you to add some exercises in the water that are proven to provide great results. For example, you can add a string that you can pull over or attach to your body and start running in the water or pulling it on the opposite side. Besides that, you can use waterproof dumbbells to create a set of exercises in the water. Moreover, there is a lot of other equipment specially designed for training in the water.

8. Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Pool


If you live in an area where you can use an outdoor pool only during summer, making a combination of the indoor and outdoor pool should be the best option. This way, you will still be able to enjoy under the sun during hot summer days, while cold winter will not stop you from using it either. There are many ways to create a construction that can properly cover the pool during winter. You will have to find an option that is designed in a way where the construction will not affect the design of the pool and your backyard during summer, while it still has good isolation to provide you with a heated area when needed.


You can achieve the ultimate vacation experience without leaving your home by making these small adjustments to your swimming pool. When you add one or two of these trendy styles to your pool, you make your home unique and increase its aesthetic appeal simultaneously. It is very important to learn more about the basics of every pool design and compare it with the ambient in your backyard to be sure that the unique design of the pool that you chose will improve the appearance of your home.

Moreover, you have to be sure that you choose the proper equipment that will provide you with clean water, especially a pool pump, which comes in various sizes, and you must get one that can efficiently filter out all of the dirt and deposits in your pool. Besides the pump, you will need a surface cleaner, pool shock, water test strips, algae brush, skimmer, and more.