“Pokemon: The First Movie” is back on the Silver Screen


The game called Pokemon Go has been so popular, but it seems that not so many people are crazy about it now. Rarely will you see someone wandering around the city, looking at the smartphone and searching Pokemon. Although the popularity of the game has decreased a bit, the game put forward the Pokemon series.

First of all, Legendary Pictures decided to start shooting the new Pokemon movie, and they will do so next year. This Pokemon craze caused some of the old movies to return to cinemas all over the world.

You will be able to watch “Pokemon: The First Movie” from 1999 on a silver screen, according to the official Pokemon website. In addition to this movie, the short film called “Pikachu’s Vacation” will also be presented. These two will be back in theaters two times in October and November.


On October 29, you will be able to watch the movie during the day, whereas on November 1, it will be presented in the evening. The movie will come back to 200 selected Cinemark theaters. You can purchase presale tickets for $5.

The original movie spent $30 million, but it earned more than $160 million worldwide, which proves that it was a success. Although the critics were not impressed, the Pokemon fans loved the movie, considering that it was the first Pokemon movie ever. And now they will have the chance to relive it, and those Pokemon fans who haven’t seen the movie, is there anything better than the silver screen?