“Pokemon Go” Officials Will Stand Trial in The Hague


The officials from Niantic will be involved in a court case because they failed to introduce a curfew on when and where one can catch Pokemon. The trail takes place in the Hague, Netherlands.

According to the Guardian, various Pokemon have been appearing in the protected beaches of Kijkduin and that is why the officials from the Hague summoned Niantic. It seems that a massive number of Pokemon are on those beaches and people are going there to catch them.

The officials consider these type of activities on the protected beaches of Kijkduin harmful to society and they are afraid that the beach dunes may get damaged. They also implied that the capturing of Pokemon should be available from 7:00am and 11:00pm.

Niantic didn’t respond and that is why they have been summoned to the Hague courts, only now the officials want Pokemon out of the certain areas, besides the curfew.

So far, Niantic has been forced to remove Pokemon from Holocaust memorials, grave sites, museums, and many other locations. As the Guardian stated, the Pentagon employees are requested to go outside to catch Pokemon, whereas Iran banned the entire game as they said it was a security risk.

China was also skeptic about “Pokemon Go” and they consider that the CIA is using it as a tool to gather information. Niantic has successfully fulfilled the requests from people or cities that have had the issue with the game.


Because of the lack of an operating license, one mayor from France even sent a decree to Niantic to remove “Pokemon Go” from the city.

However, many smaller shops have benefited from this game, but the Netherlands just doesn’t want it on their protected beaches.

The case will start on October 11th in a Hague court.