Pokemon GO latest update + Ditto caught in Africa!


A new update has arrived courtesy of Niantic! Apparently with this one you can with ease catch rare Pokemon you encounter in the wild. Sadly this is not something that is designed to help the players that are on the hunt from the very beginning, but it will greatly assist the new players from 31 countries in which the Pokemon Go got launched a week ago.

Nintendo Everything stated that the latest update will award players with a catch bonus when earning medals if and when you find a specific type of Pokemon – meaning grass, water or fire one. From the picture you can see a Kindler medal that is awarded when you catch your 200 fire-type Pokemon and thanks to it you receive a bonus for a fire-type catch, in this example +3 and it increases as you reach a higher tier Kindler medal.

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All of this certainly comes handy when you are trying to catch that rare fire Pokemon that keeps alluding you and popping up again but after a while, which can be very frustrating. When you encounter combination-type Pokemon like Venomoth, you will receive increases in both categories, which are in Venemoth’s case average of your normal type and flying type bonuses. Niantic has been working hard these past months, and it’s shown by the number of recent updates. The first one was Buddy system update where you can take your caught Pokemon on a walk with you to earn candies with a simple reason – more miles Pokemon makes with you equals more candies which from there means faster evolving and powering up your Pokemon.

Niantic lately had help from Nintendo which made Pokemon GO Plus allowing you to do common tasks in Pokemon GO without having the phone on the entire time. You can now pick up PokeBalls and potions at PokeStops as well as catch Pokemon you have already registered in your Pokedex with only a simple push of the button, but that is not all! Pokemon GO Plus tracks your distances traveled which helps you with your buddy system but also with hatching the eggs you obtain at PokeStops. One of the problems Niantic has to address is the in-game radar that never worked correctly. It was supposed to inform you about sightings of Pokemon’s and how close or far away you are from those, but it was faulty from the beginning, and that forced third party sites to make their own which Niantic eventually shut down, but still hadn’t worked on its own.


What is left in the end is to inform you that there are still a few Pokemon’s that haven’t resurfaced yet, and they are yet to be released into the wild such as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres the mascots from the three in-game teams. We also expect to see Mewtwo that was shown in the trailer but nowhere to be found in the actual game. The one Pokemon mystery might be already solved, Ditto reportedly has been caught. According to Pokemon Go Hub, the missing Ditto has been captured with the release of Pokemon GO in Africa. The user provided what seems to be an authentic screenshot, but we are still waiting for official confirmation because it is thought that the Ditto might be exclusive only to the Africa region.