PlayStation 5 could be coming in 2018!?


As far as consoles are considered nothing can surprise us anymore. Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have been around for some time, which by some is not that much but by some other standards that are considered when consoles are the focus, they have been around for almost a lifetime. Well, what is the solution here? Certainly not a next gen console but rather a mid-cycle upgrade that will hold onto familiar architecture firmly while on the other hand offers better upgrades to that foundation.

If you immediately thought of PS4 well you are not far from the truth, while the Xbox Scorpio (backwards compatible) which is a sequel console to the Xbox One would not probably be your first suggestion, but hey! That is the way these things work. Nevertheless, let’s get back to the PS4, which is still OK by the way while the PS4 Pro is a slight bump up for anyone that basically means that this news is just an empty rumor. Well, think again. Why? According to a very reliable analyst, who has managed to predict Sony Hardware with unbelievable accuracy, a PlayStation 5 will be here sooner than you’d expect, and the actual date will blow your mind – it’s sometime next year!

This comes straight from Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong over on the Wall Street Journal, and yes it’s the same guy who very correctly predicted the PS4 Pro and PS Slim, at least according to VG247. I agree it is a bit of a shocker especially with PS4 Pro still being a hot new thing but in the world of home entertainment systems you have to be the best, or you just aren’t going to survive. The likely situation, if this all pans out, is that Sony will offer its PS4 Slim as an entry-level console, PS4 Pro for the 4K market with a slightly bigger price tag and ultimately a new PS5 set for the fans. But that is all a prediction and a possible situation!

We shall wait and see what E3 will bring us this year and based on that you will be able to deduce if the future of PlayStation is about to change or what.