Tips for Playing Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2


Even though this game was released in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a very popular hit among players. What makes this game so unique and attractive is definitely the action and adventure peculiarity that vividly describe the 19th-century in American West.

There is actually a wide selection of things you can enjoy in the game, apart from the main mission. These activities include Stronghold, Gold Rush, Shootout, etc. However, one of the activities that gamers enjoy the most is definitely gambling. As a player, the virtual reality of this game will make you feel like you are playing authentic Poker in the 19th-century period. More precisely, you will experience the true atmosphere that the charms of the wild American West carry.

This game actually gives you the opportunity to earn some quick cash that will be very useful for your ranking in the game. However, if you are not familiar with rules and strategies, there is a big chance that you can lose the money you currently have. For that reason, before you sit at the table and start playing some poker, read this article and inform yourself about all the necessary information regarding ranking, locations, and strategies of the poker in Red Dead Redemption 2. In the following guide, we will cover everything for gambling enthusiasts, so you can effectively learn when, where, and how you should bet, so you can unlock some precious and significant achievements.

So, if you want to set aside shooting bad guys, rustling horses, and overcome obstacles as the main character, sit down and enjoy playing poker and earn some money in the most traditional towns of America in the previous century.

Locations where you can play Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2

Before everything, we should start with the list of available locations on the map for playing poker. There are actually several locations intended for different ranked gamers. For instance, gambling areas such as Flatneck station and Valentine are perfect for new gamers because they do not require big stakes. One more thing you should know is the fact that you can gamble in every location after you make some progress in the game, reach the second chapter, and finish the mission called “Who is Not Without Sin”. On the other hand, more luxurious places called Saint-Denis or Blackwater logically entail higher stakes. Despite that, these fancier places are more challenging for beginners because they have some special guides you need to be fully familiar with. Saint-Denis is located near the middle of the city, and the Blackwater one is placed on the main street. Also, there is one more place for gambling located upstairs in the saloon in a town called Tumbleweed. There is also one more special rule for playing Poker in Blackwater and Tumbleweed which means that you can unlock these sections once you complete all the missions.

What are the Rules of Red Dead Redemption 2 Poker?

If you are familiar with the gambling rules of Texas Hold’em poker, we have great news for you! Poker games in Red Dead Redemption are based on the same principle as they are in the previously mentioned game. More precisely, every player gets two cards. After the first betting round, there are three cards on the table . They are called community cards and every player can use them. After the second round of betting, one more card is put on the table. Logically, the same process continues until the fifth card appears. As a player you have the following options in every round: check, bet, fold or raise. If you are interested in finding out card ranking or some additional rules, you can check the section Activities in Poker main menu.

Let’s learn something about Betting in RDR 2 Poker

When it comes to betting, you can expect that before every round, two players at the table need to bet a nominal amount. That nominal amount is well-known as small blind or big blind. The blinds actually vary from the table’s stakes. However, they can range from 4¢ to 10¢.

During the single-play mode, those blinds are fixed. Nevertheless, in a multiplayer mode, they can double. The stakes vary from $2.50 to $5. One more interesting thing you should know is that you can go all-in at any moment of the betting round because there are no betting limits. Despite that, you can also quit any time of the game you want and take the cash you earned.

Poker Challenges you can try

For ambitious gamblers who want to make a stronger character in the game and increase their status, we prepared the explanation of special poker challenges you need to understand. When you reach the point of achieving all those challenges, your character will be unstoppable.

When it comes to the first challenge, you should know that, when you win five hands in poker, you are making a significant achievement for yourself. The second poker challenge that you can try to overcome requires more effort. More precisely, you need to go all-in against your hand and lose in three different locations.

Maybe this strategy does not sound hard at first glance, it can be very challenging to achieve this if some other player folds if you play aggressively. The last poker challenge in this game requires the player to win three poker hands in a row. We will mention again that location is not important, you can bet anywhere. The only requirement is that winning needs to be in one sitting. We are suggesting you be a little aggressive to achieve this last challenge and announce all-in three times hoping that other players at the table won’t call. Despite this tactic, you can try playing as you would normally play and hope for the best outcome. At some point, with effort, you will check this challenge as well.

Want to learn more tricks?

For truly enthusiastic gamers, we have a special additional list of some tips and strategies that can help you in the RDR2 Poker game. If you are one of them, we suggest you read more and be the best in this game. It is always good to gain all the necessary information before trying to achieve some goal. Reading information from two different resources is exactly what you should do.