5 Things To Have In Mind Before Playing Keno For The First Time


The gambling industry is improving over the years, especially when it comes to online platforms and new games. Online casinos have become the most popular option. The main reasons are related to versatility and convenience. You don’t need to travel to land casinos to play. Also, there are various regulations in many countries where there are certain limits related to gambling.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages is that you can choose a wide selection of games. Most of them require only luck, while some required more skills as well. Games like tombola, lottery, and keno are also very attractive since they offer a different experience when compared to other gambling models. If you are interested in playing like Keno, check here.

Keno is perfect for those who don’t like standard casino games or sports betting, but still want to get a chance to win some money if they are lucky enough. This game is full of excitement, especially when you are playing an online version where the withdraw is on every 5 minutes. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the essentials of this game.

1. Learn the Basics


In most models of this game, you can choose from 80 numbers. There are versions with 90 numbers as well. Also, a lot of online casinos and other platforms where you can play Keno offers a chance to win special prizes like Jackpot or some combinations. For example, they introduced a feature similar to Lucky 6, where you will win much more if you win by hitting the first numbers during the withdraw.

In most cases, the maximum volume of numbers that you can select on the card is 20. However, most players will choose much less than that, or at least add some combination that can improve chances to win. The most popular options are combinations between two and six numbers. Also, most of the online platforms have random generators that will help you to play more tickets for the same withdraw.

2. Determine Your Budget


Like with any other gambling game, it is crucial to determine the amount of money you can afford to spend before you start gambling. Playing keno can be quite exciting, but it might also lead to fast and reckless moves that could lead to excessive losses.

Therefore, as a beginner, the best option is to start with the lowest bets. On most websites, the minimum amount for playing the combination is only $1. The best way is to create a plan where you can stay in the game for a longer time. Also, you can always play higher bets if you win a bigger amount.

3. Playing in Land Casinos Can be More Interesting

While playing over online platforms can be more convenient and faster, paying while sitting in front of the TV, and checking your numbers on the ticket with a pen is much more exciting. Also, you can ask the worker to play you the same combination for several withdraws in the raw. That way, you can have a drink and enjoy while waiting for your numbers to show on the screen. The most common option is to play a couple of tickets with different combinations and systems for each withdraw.

4. Learn About Different Systems

Before you start playing keno, the most important is to learn more about the odds and systems that you can choose. There are models where you can play several systems on the same ticket. There are some more complex combinations, such as pairing different columns with advanced systems, but that might be difficult for you to even explain to the worker. Therefore, we suggest you start with a simple strategy. The simple method is to select a couple of numbers and choose whether you want to hit all of them for winning or to have an extra chance and miss some of them.

For instance, you can choose six numbers and select a system 4 out of 6. That way, you will win by hitting at least 4 numbers on the ticket. However, you have to know that the prize will be much lower with this method. On the other side, playing only on two or three numbers provides you with a decent chance to win. In that matter, you should always combine various systems. Hitting three numbers in keno will win you $65 with a $1 bet.

5. Look for Attractive Deals


It is a common strategy for most online gambling platforms to offer some interesting deals as a way to attract more players. Therefore, you can also expect to get some of them if you want to play keno. Also, the bonus system is different in this game. You can win it by hitting a special number or combinations, or by getting randomly selected where the system will look at the serial numbers of the tickets. Winning a special number in one series could bring you 2 to 20 times on your reward.

Moreover, some websites provide a chance to win the big jackpot as well. This prize is completely random. On the other hand, some lotteries offer a possibility to buy over 50 tickets at once, where the price can get much lower. This is a great option for those interested in spending more time while gambling.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the rules for online and live mode are the same. If you are interested in spending your free time in different ambient, and get the full excitement of playing keno, going to the land casino is the best option. On the other side, playing over websites offers you higher chance to win since you can play much faster and more tickets for the same draw.

The most important is to never rush with the betting, especially if you want to play a system with a lot of numbers. The best method is to play several tickets, where one can help you to stay in the game for longer time, one for some average win, and one that might bring you much higher win.