Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Week 3 Picks And Predictions


Two unbeaten teams are ready for Week 3 showdown. Both squads are looking good on offense and better than expected on defense. But, in this matchup, something is got to give. Will it be that Steelers D or maybe Philly’s offense led by rookie QB Carson Wentz?

Steelers are looking like one of the best teams in the AFC along with Patriots and are seeking to ride the momentum after a big-time win at home against the Bengals. Defense is the big surprise for Pittsburg. Manny people thought that it’s going to be their Achilles heel, but so far, their defense is pretty respectable. When they get Wheaton and Bell back, this offense is just going to explode on every team.


Eagles have looked good so far, but this is their toughest test. Wentz has passed the eye-ball test in his first two games, and he needs to be the leader of his team and to score a lot of points in order for this team to beat the Steelers.

Pittsburgh is entering this game as the favorite. Their offense should be just too much for the Eagles. Philly will put up some points, but in the end, Antonio Brown and company will have too good of a day for Wentz and Matthews to overcome. Steelers should win this game somewhere along the lines of 34:24. They are just a better team at the moment, and they are looking like true Super Bowl contenders.