Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns – Week 11 Picks And Predictions


SteeLers are reeling right now. They haven’t won a game in over a month, and that cost them the lead in their division. Luckily for them, they are going up against the worst team in the NFL in Week 11. They have a great opportunity to bounce back against the divisional rival. They have to be careful though as nobody wants to be the team that Browns beat this season.

Cleveland Browns didn’t have fortune on their side at the start of the season. All of their signal callers were injured at some point of the season. When you don’t have your quarterback for a longer period of time, your team just can’t settle in and get on the same page. Right now, they are not bad just because of that. Their offensive line is just as bad as their QB situation, and their defensive linemen are also not getting the job done.

Steelers offense is still good, but not great. Antonio Brown is not getting as involved as he should be. Running game is working with LeVeon Bell, but the passing game is not quite as deadly as it used to be.


Their biggest struggles are the ones on the defensive end. Ezekiel Elliot didn’t even get touched on some of the plays including that 32-yard game-winning touchdown. That is not acceptable if you are a team that has high hopes of making some noise in the Playoffs. Now because of their bad play, we are not even sure that they will be the one to represent the AFC North.

Luckily for them, Ravens are far from great, Bengals just lost to the Giants and they are playing the Browns in Week 11. That is why we are picking the Steelers to win this division and win this duel. Big Ben and Antonio Brown will get the job done for Mike Tomlin and lead their squad to 35:17 victory.