Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys Week 11 Predictions


The Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys duel is without a doubt the biggest game of the Week 11. With the current situation in NFC East, this is one of the most anticipated matches, not only in the division but the entire NFL.

This game attracts much attention every year but this time around it is on a whole new level. The reason is simple. The Eagles are the best squad in league with 8-1 score, while the Cowboys are simply the world’s most famous football franchise. Also, what is important is the rivalry between the two teams. There is much fan hate on both sides, but what’s more important is their on-field rivalry. Both sides have rising superstars at QB position in Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott.

Last season the teams ended in 1-1 draw. During the week 8 Cowboys won 29-23 in overtime. Eagles blew a 23-13 lead in 4th quarter, while in the overtime they didn’t have the chance to score because on first drive Dak Prescott managed to connect with Jason Witten for a TD. In Week 17 Cowboys have already secured the first spot in the NFC, so they had the luxury of resting almost all of the starters. Philly won this matchup 27-13. It was the last game for Tony Romo, which he wrapped up with a touchdown.


The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of their bye week, entirely rested, and still leading the NFL. They are current favorites for winning the Super Bowl, while their QB Wentz is leading the NFL MVP race. Philly QB accumulated 23 TD’s which is the best score in the entire league. In addition to this, he is the first QB in the history of the NFL who threw for more than 20 touchdowns in the first nine games of the season while in the process throwing five or fewer interceptions.

In addition to their passing threat in Wentz, they have also been dangerous on the ground. They are one of the best team in the league in this category, and they have now added 2016 Pro Bowl RB Jay Ajayi to their backfield. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like the Eagles have any weaknesses.


The Dallas Cowboys who are adjusting to life without Ezekiel Elliott are currently standing at 5-4 in the NFC East after the loss to the Falcons. They have managed only 7 points and 233 yards, which is a clear sign that Elliott was missed. What is even worse they played without Tyrone Smith in Atlanta and will play without him vs. Eagles. Prescott was sacked eight times in his absence. On the defensive end, the most missed player is going to be Sean Lee. And, we don’t have to tell you again, Cowboys concede on average over 30 points when he’s not playing.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys Predictions

With things standing like this, there isn’t much to predict. The advantage is on the Philadelphia side, and they should win this game fairly easily. Eagles WIN 36-20.