How to Personalize your Bedroom with a Custom Neon Sign


Decorating the rooms of your home comes in a great variety of ways and different people opt to choose different paths with what elements they want to use. The overall design and the type of interior may limit your choices to some extent but since it is all very subjective and tastes tend to be very unique, it can be said that you truly do have an infinite amount of possibilities. When you have already equipped your home with the most important pieces including sitting, dining, and storage furniture, all that is left is to introduce some décor elements that will elevate it all to the next level.


Among the most popular contemporary ways in which people like to utilize decorations in their homes are neon lights and signs. Once predominantly used for shops and business and especially in advertising, they are now small and custom enough to enter our homes and rooms. You can simply plug them into the wall and enjoy bright lights in the shape of anything you can think of. Best of all, if you do not like what the stores selling have to offer, there is always a possibility to have something custom made to be completely up to your liking. If you wish to learn more about this opportunity and get yourself a special neon sign, make sure to check out

In order to help you with this important home décor decision, we decided to devote this article to the use of modern neon signs in bedrooms. You can truly do a lot with a special sign and completely change the its vibe with even a small, barely noticeable variant. This probably sounds intriguing to you so we will waste no more time. Let us see what can be done in terms of personalize your bedroom with a custom neon light sign.

More Light and Comfort


It is no secret that rooms that are well lit also tend to be more comfortable and pleasant to be in. However, this cannot really happen once it is dark outside. No matter how many windows you have and how nice it is during the day, at night the bedroom you sleep in will still be completely dark and fully dependent on artificial lights. Now, a lot can be done with ceiling and standing lamps and you probably have at least a few. A neon light on the other hand can truly make your bedroom special and unique. Depending on your tastes, you can choose any wall and have any shape or lettering light up the darkness and allow more coziness before you fall asleep. Choose the color that will work well and complement the paint on the walls and the design of your furniture and think what would work best with your existing decoration. A pro tip is order too, as we must remind you to evaluate what the sign will look like while it is off during the day. Poorly chosen solutions can break the décor as much as the right ones can make them.

Pleasure and Intimacy

Setting the mood and doing all the little things to make an intimate night with your partner feel more special is important and necessary from time to time. Both of you deserve to enjoy yourselves and express your love for each other. If you think about it, colors are quite important in having the right kind of atmosphere in the room. Red or purple lighting tends to help us be more expressive and affectionate so a neon sign like that will turn your ordinary bedroom into a love nest. Something like this will look even better if you have a few mirrors in the room for the light to bounce off of. Your bedroom fun times with the person you love will have a brand new feeling to it and we promise that you will love your custom made neon sign for it. Best of all, you can choose whatever as the sign itself, from something naughty to a more romantic and intimate lettering or symbols. The choice is yours and make sure to include your significant other in the decision.

Kids’ Bedrooms

The most diverse way in which you can decorate a bedroom in your home with custom neon signs is to have one in your child’s bedroom. While they are young they will have numerous famous characters from movies, cartoons, and video games. Chances are they love at least a few different hobbies and have interests like sports, music, or art. Getting them a sign that represent a thing they love will not only make them happy and fulfilled, but their room will also feel warmer, more like their own, and they will love to spend more time in it. This is how you can also make sure they do not forget about the things they like while growing up since they will be reminded of it. Your child will appreciate like this even if they are older and well into their teens. It is a good gift for a grown up child too as they can use a sign in their own bedroom. The possibilities are endless really.

Holiday Decoration

Lastly, neon signs can really help you decorate and personalize your bedroom during the many holidays we have in a year. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and the rest of the major holidays are all well-known for their colorful decorations and there is hardly anything brighter you can get than a neon sign. And it does not have to be a huge sign either since you simply need to complement other decorations you have. Even smaller holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, or your birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations can be a cause to have a neat little neon sign remind you of the important occasion in your life. Just think how nice you feel when you are in the center of a big city where bright lights are all around you. Well, having something like that but on a smaller scale in the most important room in your home is possible!