Person of Interest Season 6 Release Date and Latest News


There have been numerous rumors about Person of Interest Season 6 as a high number of loyal fans continued to show interest in the series, even after it had been hinted that Season 5 would be its finale. Much to all those fans’ delight, it has been recently speculated about the possibility of bringing back the show, whether in the form of a new batch of episodes or, perhaps, as a spin-off series. Either way, it would be great to have it back, don’t you think?

Not only did fans keep asking questions about the renewal, but they also started a petition on in order to make CBS reconsider their decision to cancel the sci-fi crime drama. According to Kaily Russell, who was the one to start the petition in the first place, the fans just want to see their favorite crew together one more time. “We’ve been fighting to keep this show alive and would love to see another network pick it up, even if its’ just for one more season. Don’t let a show we love so much disappear. And that includes all characters, Reese, Finch, Fusco, Root, Shaw, and Bear! We want either a redo of season 5, an alternate universe, a spin off, anything where we can have the whole cast return,” Russell explained.

The petition was supported by more than 50,000 people, but, unfortunately, it seems for now that this hasn’t made CBS change their mind about Season 6. Greg Plagerman and Jonah Nolan, the series showrunners, and some stars that have been a part of Person of Interest crew admitted that they would be ready to come back and work on one more season, but they also agreed that the chances of that happening are rather poor.

All in all, we think it’s best not to get your hopes up for all we have for now are only speculations and possible scenarios, there is no reliable information. However, don’t lose hope, either, who knows, the series might be renewed for one more season when you least expect that. Stay tuned, and we promise we’ll let you know as soon as we find out something new about your favorite drama.