Peculiarities of Asian Gambling


Asians are enthusiastic gamblers that do not shy away from enjoying their favorite slots and casino games. The interest is not isolated to any particular group of people, it is common among the Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Indians, Cambodians, and others. The love for gambling is easily seen among Asians living in the US and other countries.

Slots are arguably the most popular games across the continents. They are very exciting and the software providers keep releasing new ones regularly. Thus, there is always something for everyone. Besides, gambling sites offer free slots that allow everyone to enjoy all the fun and glamor without spending a dime. You can go to the website to try all of them out.

Problem Gambling

The statistics have highlighted the peculiarities of Asian gambling. Studies show that in the United States, for instance, where there are diverse populations, Asians are far more addicted to gambling than the rest. According to Dr. Timothy Fong, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, the addiction to gambling rate for Asians in the US is between 6 and 60%.

Another study done in 1999 in Chinatown San Francisco further emphasized this problem. It obtained responses from 1808 respondents and 70% of them admitted that gambling was the biggest problem in their community. About 21% admitted that they are pathological gamblers while 16% considered themselves problem gamblers. The current statistics state that 1.6% of Americans suffer from pathological gambling while 3% are problem gamblers.

This shows why the Asian stats are concerning. The community is a big contributor to the overall statistics. What could be the case? What are the peculiarities of Asian gambling? Stay on this strong objective article to find out the answers.

The Cultural Aspect

Gambling is viewed positively in Asian culture. Many Asians, particularly the Chinese, gamble for fun with their family members including their parents and grandparents. Hence, the interest is developed at a very young age. This continues to grow as they develop making it an in-built trait. What is the reason behind this love for the activity? The Asian culture attaches a lot of importance to mystical things like fate and luck. They believe in good and bad mystical energies, which determine the things that happen in their day-to-day lives. You will hear about yin and yang concepts even in their practice of medicine so it is a common thing.

The days that are associated with good luck among the Asians usually experience more gambling activities. A clear example is the Chinese New Year where it is believed that the bad luck from the previous year goes away and good luck of the new year is ushered in. Many Asians bet heavily at this time to get their luck. The Asian belief in numerology, superstition, and luck makes them overly enthusiastic about gambling. Even though it is commonly associated with the Chinese, other cultures like Koreans and others also believe the same. Hitting big wins is seen as a blessing from the gods while losing can also be seen as bad luck. The cultural aspect greatly contributes to the development of problem gambling.

Casinos Love Asians


Asian gambling is further promoted by the love that the casinos have for them. Well, there is nothing outrageous about this, who wouldn’t love their biggest clients? Casinos are aware of the enthusiasm of these gamblers and they enhance it as any other business would. San Francisco and Los Angeles casinos, for instance, admit that Asians make up over 80% of their clients.

Land Casinos

Both the land-based casinos and online casinos do things to attract these loyal customers. You will find the brick-and-mortar casinos offering free transport from various areas to their establishments. They also use old tricks like offering free cigarettes, free drinks, and even vacations to their biggest spenders.

Land casinos have also perfected their public relations practices. They keep in touch with their high rollers and remind them to visit. Some casinos also have satellite offices in areas with a big population of Asian high rollers. They also ensure that their advertisements are run in both English and Asian to avoid missing out on such a huge market.

Online Casinos

The rise of the online casino business was also a blessing to Asian gamblers. These gambling platforms are easily available via PCs, smartphones, and tablets. They have been greatly improved to look like real casinos. Besides, mobile gamers do not need to download any apps anymore, they can access their casinos through instant play. Live casinos currently offer the acme of online gambling entertainment by live streaming games from professional studios and casinos and allowing gamers to play remotely.

Asian gamblers have been targeted by these businesses as well. Slots have particularly been used to lure them. They have diverse themes and the Asian/Oriental theme is among the best. You will find hundreds of slots with this theme. They are executed using stellar graphics and staggering sounds that amazingly exemplify the culture. The slots also use symbols like dragons that are perceived very highly by the Chinese and the Asian populace in general. Here is the list of the most popular slots with Asian theme:

  • Sakura Fortune;
  • 100 Panda;
  • Koi Princess;
  • Hong Bao;
  • 88 Fortunes, and many others.

The live dealer games have also been made Asian friendly. They have dealers and croupiers who speak their language making it easy for them to play. In addition, the best online casino websites also function in Asian languages to enable them to interact with the site conveniently. You can also find free slots and bonuses that can entice gamblers. Here is a comparison of land-based and online casinos that use convincing methods to lure the people.

Benefits Land Casinos Online Casinos
Atmosphere advantages Professional dealers, guard and cleaning staff Asian themed slots
Destination  Free transport to casinos No need of transport
Language Ads in Asian languages Asian friendly casino websites
Promotion Free drinks, cigarettes, and vacations Bonuses and promotion

Moving Forward

Asians are fearless gamblers who believe in luck and fate so they are more likely to become problem gamblers. Education has helped to reduce the development of these issues but it remains persistent. A high number of Asians are not very wealthy but it is peculiar that they are highly valued by the casino establishments. This could mean that they gamble more than they can afford. Awareness should be created to curb and prevent the emergence of pathological gambling. They should also be trained on diagnosing and accepting the problem before it leads to grievous consequences.

Asians have a keen interest in both land-based and online gambling. Gambling is a socially acceptable form of entertainment and this makes it quite popular among them. However, this love for gambling makes them susceptible to developing problem and pathological gambling.