How To Pass Your G1 Driver’s Exam In 3 Easy steps


People from Canada, or from Ontario precisely, know exactly what is G1 driver’s license exam, and why it’s important. For those who don’t live in Ontario, and plan to move there and start a new life, we will explain what it means to take the G1 test. Also, this article can be an interesting lesson for those who want to learn more about foreign countries. Who knows, maybe someday you will participate in a quiz and you will have questions related to this.

Тhe test consists of two parts. The first one is an eye exam, so the professionals can determine if your vision is good enough, or if you need to wear glasses as you drive a car. The G1 written test is about the rules, laws, and signs on the road (traffic signs).

The best thing about this is that you have online practice, and you can easily prepare for the written part by following the instructions and answering the questions on services like

You can’t skip this test, because it’s mandatory for every candidate who wants to take an Ontario driver’s license. The practicing test isn’t the same as the actual test you will get, but they can give you a nice example of what’s happening, and how it should be done. In this article, we will try to help you pass it, even though most of the candidates fail their first attempt, and recover the second time they take the test.

1. Practice regularly

Once you apply to takust. The written driving test is an important part of obtaining your e this exam, you will get a handbook and online materials to learn. The thing is that many candidates are lazy at this point, and they probably don’t want to do it, but it’s a Ontario driving license, and you can’t even think about proceeding to the next stage, without passing it. But, if you practice every day, it would be pretty easy for you to pass the exam, especially if you take the free text examples online.

2. Don’t skip on the handbook

Theoretical knowledge is important. Many candidates underestimate it, thinking they will get the real experience if they simply sit behind the wheel and drive freely. But, you must at least get familiar with the handbook’s contents. Take your time, and make sure you prepare for the exam. That’s the only way to pass the G1 test, and if you put in enough effort, you are likely to do that on the first attempt.

3. Read the questions carefully

All of these questions are similar, as are the answers offered. Therefore, try to rest well the night before the test. You need to focus on the content so that you can understand the issue. Do not rush, although the time for taking the test is limited. But you have enough time and there is no need to hurry. In fact, try to read and understand each question so that you can give a logical answer. This is really easy to do, especially if you have already studied about the test.

And that’s all – these are the three most important steps you need to take, so you can complete the G1 Ontario driving exam.

Surely, there are plenty of other things you need to know, in order to be prepared for the test.

Is it available online?

This is probably the best feature. No paper, no pen, no stress. When you come to the testing center, you will get a seat in front of a computer. Once the exam starts, you can start taking the test. For those who want to do it in a traditional way, there are drive test locations, and you can take the paper format of the Ontario G1 driving test.

How much do I need to pay?

The complete expense is about $160, and when you complete it, you are getting a G1 license, which lasts up to five years. You need to pay this amount in advance, so they can let you take the test. If you fail and you want to try again, you will have to pay $15-16 every next attempt.

Do I need some documents to take with me?

Take two documents that prove your identity, by your choice. Bring enough cash, to pay for the test. If you wear glasses or lenses, take the proof, so the people there can know what you deal with. It’s the same about every medical condition you may have. Make sure you have the results from the vision exam from the G1 test too.

Which vehicles am I permitted to drive?

As you pass the G1 exam, you are an eligible candidate to get a license for every G-class vehicle, including cars, vans, and even small trucks. You can’t ride a motorcycle with this one, since you need an M1 license for that. Keep in mind that G1 is for beginners strictly. That means, after one year, you will have to obtain a G2 license, which is mostly the same, but you already have enough experience and more rights as a driver.


The most important thing is not to be afraid of this exam. It’s something every beginner driver in Ontario must pass, so they can drive their vehicle on an open road. If you aren’t confident enough, take your time, and study more. After that, you can take the exam. Don’t rush, because you have enough time to complete every section. Read the questions and take enough time to think about the possible answers.

If you fail – it’s not the end of the world. A lot of exceptional drivers failed their first G1 test, and that’s a great experience for those who really want to learn how to drive, and how to be respectful of the rules and traffic signs.

So, preparing for the exam is a must. Every other aspect can be easily covered if you follow the steps we mentioned in this article.