Overlord Season 2 Confirmed

Source: overlordmaruyama.wikia.com

Written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin, Overlord is a light novel series which, as expected, served as the inspiration for creating an anime adaptation with the same title. The anime series immediately became a huge success and drew a great number of viewers. All of them have become impatient to hear some news about Overlord Season 2 as it has been quite some time since the Season 1 release. Much to their delight, we have some good news – the second season has been confirmed, so there’s no reason to worry about its cancellation.

The first season of this popular anime aired between July and September in 2015 (it consisted of only 13 episodes), and, just like most TV shows nowadays, it ended with a major cliffhanger. There are various questions that were left unanswered, but we’re sure the upcoming sequel will provide at least some answers.

Source: asakurashinji.deviantart.com

Since the series was so well-received from the very beginning, many people expected the creators to get down to making the next season immediately afterward, but they failed to meet the fans’ expectations. The reason for this lies in the fact that they decided to make two Overlord movies, instead. The first one was titled Overlord: The Undead King and it was delivered in February this year, while the second one, titled Overlord: The Dark Warrior, followed sooner than anyone could expect – it was released in March.

According to Anime News Network, much to everyone’s surprise, the creators chose to make their big announcement after the premiere of their second movie. Namely, a short video was shown right after the film, and it revealed that there will be the long-awaited Overlord Season 2 and that it will shed some light on the story of Momoga and the rest of the Ainz Ooal Gown. As for the exact release date, it’s still too early to tell when we should expect to see it, but the guesses are that it will happen in the near future. Follow us for more news.