Over 40% of Amazon Workers are asking for Improved Warehouse Working Conditions


With just under 50% of market share, Amazon remains the largest e-commerce company in the United States, with over 125.000 workers.

The e-commerce business is booming, and Amazon is seeing huge profits in recent years, and we predict they will keep growing in the coming years. In order to keep up with the demands of the market, Amazon has over 75 centers and over 150 warehouses, where 125.000 workers are employed.  But one has to ask the question – How are these workers being treated? Amazon is a huge conglomerate, and the treatment of their workers is questionable at best. With complaints coming from over 40 percent of Amazon employees that they are forced to skip bathroom breaks in order to keep their jobs, and getting fired for basic health emergencies such as illness.


This is a huge problem in our society and one that requires sticking together to beat.

Blind, an anonymous social network for tech workers, has conducted a survey of their community to find out just how warehouse workers are being treated.

Their online community mostly consists of tech workers, and they have asked them a very simple question.

This is a quote from them: “At your current company, should there be changes to working conditions  for warehouse workers and other employees ?”

A total of 4,397 workers answered this survey, and they had answering options such as “Yes”, “No”, and “I don’t Know”.


The anonymous social network posted these results:

  • A total of 28.84% of the survey participants answered with YES
  • A total of 27.63% of the survey participants answered with NO
  • A total of 43.53% of the survey participants answered with I Don’t Know

HR Dive named Blind the 2018 Innovator of the Year, has an impressive base of followers, with over 50.000 registered users are employees of Microsoft, 34.000 from Amazon, 13.000 from Google, to name the least.

The anonymous social network went one step further and came up with some staggering numbers. They analyzed the survey and broke it down by companies who have over 50 employees that responded to the survey. The most of the people that voted YES were Amazon workers and they were over 40 %, 40.14% to be precise. Next were workers from Walmart with 28.57 % of the workers voting YES, and finally, Apple came third on the list with the most unsatisfied worker at 22.86 %

It seems that Wayfair has the most satisfied workers with 11.54 % voting YES, and eBay came close to those numbers with 11.76 %. Tesla Motors’s numbers are also low with 15.09 %, and Google found themselves in the middle with 19.18 %.

The study itself has shown that warehouse works from companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and Apple are unsatisfied with their working conditions. All three companies are huge conglomerates and it’s a shame that they would treat their workers like this. These companies make huge profits each year, and investing some of that money into making better working conditions is something that should be imperative. The survey itself ran from January 5th to January 11th, and we hope and support them into bringing a change.