Original Plans For Lesnar At Wrestlemania And Why He Refused Them

Source; inquisitr.com

Now we know that Brock Lesnar is going to face Bill Goldberg at this year’s Wrestlemania. That match is going to be for the Universal Title and it actually may be the one that is going to close the show. It is expected that Brock Lesnar wins the Universal Championship for the first time in his career as Goldberg’s deal is expiring after the event in Orlando. Even if the stays with the company a bit longer, Lesnar won’t put him over again that is for sure.

Last year’s Summerslam event had Brock Lesnar destroying the head of Randy Orton, with Shane McMahon getting involved and actually ending up on the receiving end of Lensar’s F5. The plans then were for Lesner to continue his feud with Shane McMahon and for the match to happen at Wrestlemania 33. Lesnar was not really pleased with that idea as he didn’t really want to face Shane at the grandest stage of them all. And in all reality, it’s hard to believe that a guy like Shane can be made to look believable against a guy like Lensar.

Source; inquisitr.com

The company was then exploring for some other options on Lesnar and then Bill Goldberg made his return because of the WWE 2K17. They were immediately linked up and they are now going to face off in Orlando, again.

As far as Shane McMahon goes, WWE wanted him to be on the show and they are right now planning to have him go up against AJ Styles as they feel that The Phenomenal One is one of the best performers that they have on their roster and that he is going to be the one that will have a great match with Shane. All of his matches in the WWE have been amazing and there is no doubt that he can carry Shane to a great match in Orlando.