Oracle bent on pursuing case against Google over Java case


Before we start, remember that Oracle made the claim that the application programming interface (API) of 37 Java that Google used when creating Android was under copyright, which a court ruled that Google instead made use of “fair use” in building Android.

Oracle is of the argument that it should be given a new trial since Google did not disclose its plans to make Android apps (the ARC++ project) available for laptops and desktops that make use of Chrome OS.

The Runtime for Chrome which is the ARC + + that Google makes use of when running it Android application on Chrome. This is almost the issue that was raised about Andromeda, which is Google’s Chrome OS/hybrid Android. The company has been making efforts to combine this with Linux OS for more than a year. As at the moment, Chromebooks can run on Android apps.

District Judge William Alsup, US District Court, California did not agree on the claim made by Oracle, and therefore did not accept to give Oracle a new trial.

Alsup said that Google made available not less than 9 documents that contained technical details and goals of ARC + + in 2015, which was like five months before a trial was conducted. Alsup blamed Oracle for failing to read the document of ARC++ from the beginning.

Whatever be the case, the case against Google by Oracle for the May trial will be irrelevant since the issue at hand is on devices that make use of Android which is not smartphones.

This does not mean that Oracle is giving up on the case. They are still insisting that Google copied Java technology in legally so as to rush into the market for mobile device. Oracle is also accusing Google of buying the lawsuit, and therefore, will seek other means to pursue the case.