Optical illusion tattoos look awesome! It’s like there is another dimension beneath them!


His name is Jesse Rix, and this highly skilled tattoo artist will make your head spin. He is the one that can trick your eyes through an expert use of optical illusion.

He manages to render each and every one in a realist style, with them visually perplexing and showing his inventive imagination as well as advanced understanding of the trompe-l’oeil technique.

To create such a great, intricate and lifelike tattoo Rix, very skilfully, composes the lines and fills them with a very lifelike colors and makes each tattoo’s style full of realism.

The subject of his tattoos are a different story, and they go from hexagons, cubes, and bricks of skin that are “removed,” then there are unique spectacles—including galactic battles, cosmic portraits, geometric patterns, and under-the-sea scenery—emerge. In order to “reveal” these images from under the skin, tattoo artist need to play with perspective, experiments with light, and alters dimensionality.

Although Rix makes a huge range of surreal subject matter and impressive illusions, he also makes the one-of-a-kind tattoos that, even further, emphasize his mastery of tones.

As you will see from some examples below, Rix’s striking portfolio showcases a preference for saturated, crisp colors offset by realistic shading. When that is paired with his expertly-drafted drawings, that advanced use of color elevates Rix’s optical illusion tattoos into an eye-catching art form. But don’t let us bore you with any further explanation or details, just look and enjoy these images.

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