The Definitive Reasons for Using Online Doctors Appointments


If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things, one lesson learned is that health is precious and should not be taken for granted under any circumstances. How many of us are actively visiting a doctor? The common answer is not enough of us. Too many people put up with little niggles and irritations without seeking medical advice or any assistance. This is down to a few different reasons;
  • Some people think they know better
  • Some people can’t be bothered
  • Some people cannot afford it
  • Some people can’t get an appointment
  • Some people are scared
  • Some people cannot get there

Whatever the case may be, it is a sad state of affairs if in 2024 we still have these and other barriers affecting access to and attitudes towards the healthcare provisions provided. In an age where taking care of your appearance is perceived to be more important than maintaining fit and healthy bodies through diet and exercise, preconceived ideas are holding people back from the care and treatment they need. Platforms like Veriheal provide great assistance and are a fantastic example of how technology can enhance access to the best doctors via remote consultation. In this article, we look further into why you should be using virtual medical.

Cost-Effective and Value For Money

Depending on your job, if you are sick, you might not get paid. The self-employed, for example, cannot work when sick and will lose out on money coming in. When you are ill, the likelihood is that you will either pay for transport (taxi, bus, etc.) or go in a car (gas money) so there are two financial losses in one hit from being under the weather. You end up paying out more than is coming in when you are not well. So to sensibly counteract this, you should go to the doctors sooner rather than later before the costs above mount up, right? If you attend a private hospital, then this could really turn into an expensive illness as their prices are not low. The good news is that you can avoid all this hassle with an online consultation which will be private, accurate, and fast from the comfort of your own home. It is cost-effective and easy to get your required medicine.

Undivided Attention

The busy nature of a doctor’s job dictates that they may be in the room with you, but they often have so much going on; their head could be elsewhere. Juggling many patients in a hospital is no easy task, and it is understandable if a doctor gets distracted from time to time. With an online service, this won’t happen. You receive the undivided attention of the physician throughout the video call ensuring their focus is on you and you alone as they won’t be rushed or in a hurry to attend to the next patient as so often is the case. The doctor that you contact will be fully dedicated to your problem and will allocate you enough time to explain your problem and find a solution for it.

Vast Range Of Medicines

Licensed online doctors do not have the same unlimited access that a doctor in a surgery or hospital will possess. They are faced with certain limitations and restrictions they must abide by. For example, they can’t prescribe psychiatric medications like Abilify, Zoloft, and Prozac. Similarly, they are not allowed to prescribe sedatives such as Xanax, Ambien, and Ativan (sleep aids). For a full list of forbidden medications, please research further if you have any concerns. Despite this, an online physician has a huge catalog of treatments and medicines that they can approve. This is a huge advantage in terms of getting an accurate prescription from home.

Safer Environment

Being at home when you speak to a doctor is so much better for you as a patient and the medic themselves. There are no germs to be spread back and forth, and there is no potential of bumping into other sick people on the way. Waiting areas in doctors’ surgeries and hospitals are full of germs, bacteria, and infections flying about everywhere. So by being there, if you weren’t that bad before, you probably will be by the time you leave! A virus doesn’t take long to get into your system, so if you are safely tucked up at home, the doctor can diagnose you in a much more comfortable and safe setting with no further risk of infection.

Don’t Play The Misdiagnosis Guessing Game

We self-diagnose ourselves from time to time, usually from previous experience or just good old common knowledge. Nowadays, unqualified medical amateurs can find a search engine, type in our symptoms, and self-diagnose themselves within minutes. Even better, we can then search for how to clear the problem or treat the issue without going to the doctor! Superb, isn’t it? Until we get it wrong, and it doesn’t go away, then the symptoms get worse. So we end up going to the doctor! What a waste of time. Why mess around when the alternative professional solution is staring you right in the face? A consultation with an online doctor will get you a full, accurate diagnosis and the correct treatment solution to your problem. The best thing is, it will all be less terrifying than googling your symptoms and thinking we have some terrible life-ending disease instead of a rash.

Final Thoughts

With the aid of a decent Wi-Fi connection, all your problems can be solved and life simplified by trusting a remote medical service. It will enable you to remain at home, not spreading the infection to others or picking anything else up yourself. There is the added comfort of not having to reveal any private areas in person, and showing a doctor online is less intimidating for some. The convenience of online interaction is incomparable to an in-person visit and should be the way forward to reduce both risk and waiting times for patients and doctors alike.