Who doesn’t enjoy online casino bonuses? Online casinos use these bonuses as a marketing tool, and it has become trendy these days. You can do a lot with these casino rewards, like extend your funds, increase the playing time, etc. However, winning cash for free or spins isn’t enough. All that matters is how you use these casino benefits to make the most of it.

Many users like to play all sorts of games under a single website and earn free bonus. However, every site has its own set of rules on how you use its online rewards.

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Different Types of Casino Bonuses
  • Referral bonuses: When you introduce new players to the app or site, you are given a referral amount. It is also sometimes written as “refer a friend bonus.”
  • Bonuses related to payment methods: There are several payment methods that one can use to deposit money. Players are allowed to use any of them, but there are some methods that the casinos prefer. Players who use these preferred methods are awarded payment method rewards.
  • Reload bonus: Sometimes, welcome gifts are not enough to retain the new players on the app. Therefore, reload rewards are provided to the new candidate after their initial deposits. These are also known as monthly rewards.
  • No deposit bonus: This is a sort of welcome present awarded to you without any deposits. All you have to do is to register on their website or app.
  • Loyalty bonus: Online casino provides gifts, free play, free spins, and even real money based on your game performance.

10 Tricks to use Online Casino Bonuses

Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, you can follow the below-given tricks and tips to maximize your casino rewards.

1. Contribution of different games: Not every game provides you the same contribution to      the casino benefits. Some games can contribute up to 100%, whereas some contribute      nothing at all. This is why every player must be aware of each game’s contribution to          avoid wasting their bets. For instance, games such as roulette and video poker have a        minimal contribution, whereas many slot machines can give you up to 100% profit.

  1. Reviewing the terms and conditions of the bonuses: The most important step to be taken care of, but unfortunately, most casino players do not read the instructions carefully. One must always review the terms and conditions before betting on any game. The rewarding amount is required to be wagered before it can be converted into real money.
  2. Checking the maximum amount and the bonus percentage: This needs to be the first step you should follow. In this, you are required to check the maximum amount and the bonus percentage. Some casinos can match the 1st deposit by 150% to 200%, whereas most of them go up to 100%. The maximum amount varies between $50 to $150. You can also find unlimited prize amounts in selected casinos.
  3. Playing free spins without wagering: Playing free spins is pretty fun, especially when you have the chance to win some money. Some sites or apps provide you free spins without any betting requirements. This means that you can immediately cash out all the money that you won from the free spin. This tip is going to help you increase your earnings significantly.
  4. Do not become an advantage player: Just like players want to have a good chance to cash out their prizes, casinos also look for a fair chance to take back the rewards. To shake off the advantage players or bonus abusers, casinos have set some additional rules. One of these rules says that you cannot exceed the maximum stake while playing with your bonus money.
  5. Playing in low and medium slots: To cash out the casino prizes, slot players must play in the low or medium variance slots. However, with this, you won’t be able to earn large rewards. You can find a lot of slot game options online, which will provide you the opportunity of winning.
  6. Decline the bonuses according to your will: Remember, if you don’t want any hassle to fulfill the wagering requirements and want to play with your own deposited money, then you can always reject any benefits that are offered to you.
  7. Checking the progress: Once you have made a good profit, it’s time for you to check how far you have reached. Your progress chart is a better indication that will tell you when to stop or cash out. In case you aren’t able to understand your progress, contact the helpdesk.

9. Do not play just for the sake of a bonus: You can find many websites online which will ask you to follow several steps before you can withdraw the amount. These websites are usually not reliable sources. That is why we say that do not solely play for the free incentives when you are playing online.

  1. Forfeit the bonus if you have won big: This is the last and the most important tip of online casino presents. If you have already won a nice amount without touching your bonus and that amount can be withdrawn without wagering requirements, it is better to forfeit the bonus. It is better to have a little less in your bank account than to risk all of it to meet the wagering requirements.


We have seen many players who do not know what to do with the earned rewards. However, if you do great research on this topic, you can make the most out of your free winnings. Utilize the above tips and tricks to use your prizes effectively.