Oakland Raiders Are Looking Like A Legit Threat In The AFC


It’s still hard to believe, but the Oakland Raiders are currently in the second place in their Conference. This is by far the best season that this franchise has had in the past dozen years. Those fans in Oakland are one of the best in the world, and they deserve to have a team that is capable of reaching big goals.

Finally, they have that one. Raiders are a team that can beat anyone on any given night, but they still looked like a decent squad that will most likely fall against favored rivals. Even though last night’s game was on their home field, it was still really hard to pick them against that Denver defense.

Yet, they were able to control the game and play smart football. Oakland failed to get into the end zone on a couple of their first scoring drives, but that didn’t discourage them, and they kept trying to pound the ball into the end zone. Finally, they were able to do so, they took the lead, and from there it was a one-way street.


They are 7-2 now, closely trailing the New England Patriots by only half a game. They are going to take some losses for sure as they aren’t going to turn the table for the rest of the season. Still, this team is a prime candidate to win their division that has been the best in the NFL this year. If they can keep this up, they are going to be a legit threat in the AFC.