5 Reasons why Nusa Penida one of the Most Beautiful Places in the World


If you have never been to Bali, then we’re sure you have said to yourself at least once that I will go to this magical place. If you have already visited Bali, we are sure again that you will want to come back again. The place is truly enchanting, the sandy beaches seem unreal and just enjoy the open-air bars and healthy food restaurants.

And if you were there, did you embark on a small adventure that takes about thirty minutes to drive east of the valley. We are talking about the island of Nusa Penida, which is simply amazing. If you thought you saw everything that you always wanted, get ready for new thrills. To fully explore this island it would be ideal to set aside 3 days. However, a day trip if you are already in Bali may be enough. No doubt, you have never experienced something like this. You will see the most beautiful sandy beaches but also huge cliffs of white rocks up to 200m high. You will rest from the parties and the murmur of the people. A real little paradise.

In this text, we will try to convince you why Nusa Peni is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And if you decide to see it for yourself, we recommend this guide to the fantastic island : https://www.penidaland.com/pages/nusa-penida-travel-guide

Here we go with the 5 reasons why Nusa Penida one of the most beautiful places in the world

1. Kelingking Lookout Point


If you love to traveling we are sure to see many beautiful lookouts. It is very difficult to surprise and inspire a good tourist with something new. However, we believe that this is one of the places on the island that is really worth experiencing, even if you come to the island only because of this lookout. The natural creation you can experience here is fascinating. It’s not just the cliffs that are at stake, but the whole experience. As much as you expect perfection, you can’t even imagine what a combination of white cliffs and the Indian Ocean is. A fairy tale in front of you.

From the port itself, you can take a moped and head to this amazing place. If you are only here for the day, then time is limited and we suggest you leave as soon as possible. If you still stay on the island, do not miss the evening in this place and even then there will be much fewer tourists and you will be able to enjoy the silence. The Kelingking dog that stretches below you is magical. It is also often called the T-rex beach. You guessed it: it irresistibly resembles a dinosaur when viewed from a bird’s eye view.

You will experience a real movie scene here, and indulge yourself.

2. Broken Beach


No artist can no one can paint this island better than itself. It sometimes surprises even the most experienced connoisseurs. Authentic and unrepeatable forms prepared for us by the earth that erodes over time, are breathtaking. One of such amazing places is located on the island of Nusa Penida. It is about Broken Beach which did not get such a name by mistake.

The onion that nature created on this beach is worthy of awe. This miracle has been formed for millions of years and is now at your fingertips. If you look at this bay from above, it has a circular shape and seems completely closed. The arch that is the only entrance to the bay is very high. Watch the waves crashing against the wild beach, and you can see a new surprise all around the arch. The arch itself is wrapped around the bay and allows water to enter and exit the ocean.

3. Crystal Bay


From the port of Toyapakeh, take a new path and in just a few minutes you have reached an amazing beach. Yes, you are in Bali and you have certainly seen a lot of beautiful beaches, but this is not just one in a row, believe me. This is a must-see place in Nusa Pendi. The beach is so beautiful that it takes your breath away and the water is crystal clear. Here you can play scooter, ride a traditional boat, swim, see dolphins very often or simply lie in the shade under an umbrella. If you stay longer than the day tour, then be sure to stay here until sunset. It is something you will never be able to forget. This experience cannot be described in words. In the middle of the bay is a small island that is spectacular in itself.

4. Angel’s Billabong


Very close to Brocken Beach there is another fantastic place on this amazing island. The limestone formations have made a real spectacle here. It is Angel’s Billabong, a natural pool framed by high rocky cliffs. The stone lagoon you can see here is really worth a look. The water is crystalline and here it takes on an emerald color. Amazing!

It will allow you to enjoy the stone pools and experience the place completely. This is a truly picturesque seascape that you will not have the opportunity to see more than once.

5. Dark spirit temple Pura Dalem Ped


Whether you like black magic or not, we suggest you visit this temple because you will not lead something like this anywhere else. Although there are many similar temples, they are quite similar and most of them are located in natural caves. Don’t forget that this island is known as the island of black magic. Whether you believe in it or not, this experience is truly spectacular. Maybe not like the natural beauty of the island but it is worth checking out

These are just 5 details that this island has and that you will hardly see anywhere else. Ipk, its popularity is evidenced by the growing number of tourists from year to year. From a once quiet and barely visited place, it has now become a real attraction with big crowds in the harbor. Because of that, to avoid the crowds of daily crowds of eager tourists, we suggest that you stay here for 3 days and experience the island in the best possible way early in the morning or just before sunset.