Novak Djokovic Was Criticized In A Live Video By His Wife “Where are your manners, huh?!”


Jelena thought that the recording had stopped, but when she figured out that it hadn’t, her face expression was priceless. That day Jelena used her mobile phone to shoot Novak’s live practice, which he then used as a live video to address his fans.

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At the end of the said practice, everyone’s favorite tennis player and former racket no.1, Novak Djokovic decided to speak to all of his followers and fans on social media, and took Jelena’s phone because as he said he “feels more intimate and friendlier.” Novak stated “Thank you all for watching. I hope you enjoyed. Give me the phone, so it feels more intimate and friendlier.” Novak said this and took Jelena’s phone, and just as he wanted to continue his talk, she grabbed her smartphone back.

Jelena apparently didn’t see this the same way as Novak, and therefore this turned out to be a slight misunderstanding. Of course that Jelena had to react as any woman would, and gave Novak a piece of her mind, which “unfortunately” ended up in the live feed! “Where are your manners, huh? Thank you love, thank you. Isn’t that correct way to say it!?” said Jelena ironically and with a dead serious face, but then she realized that the camera was still rolling and that everyone tuned in to see Novak heard that. The moment she realized that could clearly be seen on her face, whose expression is priceless.

The entire “awkward” situation that has gone down between these two can be spotted in the last 20 or so seconds of the video we have provided for you. One thing should be pointed out here, and that is to be gentle and not judgmental to any of them. They are both humans, a couple, a married couple for that matter and what happened here is normal for any man and woman in the world, as well as for them, no matter how big of stars they are!